Tears for Peace…. Life for Peace….

19 4月

Today during my walking I do not know why but
in front of me the person appeared….

I tried to grasp her hands I tried to catch her to not leave from me..
but she disappeared….. and I understood it was sad illusion.
Always I try to catch her… I try to grasp her..
But It is impossible… I know it is illusion…
And Naturally I shed my painful treas….

The first and last person who I loved in my life….
And impossible to meet again in this life….
I never and ever forget the person.
And because of her I have determined to use my life for Peace…..
So even I am sad but I will be happy.

I can give everything,, I can give my love,,
I can give my life,, for this world… for peace….
Because the person taught me what is the meaning of “Love”,
Because the person gave me, “Love
Because the person show me the world with color with “Love”

Now many people couldnt get these important stuff of giving
from bottom of our heart with love.

As she gave me the life, I do use whole my life for this world for peace….
Even if I am sad, even if I shed my tears in my heart
I am happy… I will be happy….

Till I leave this world,,, whatever, whenever, Wherever, However
I will keep my actions for peace for her..


Real way of our life -Seeing the great family on my way to Berlin

19 4月

18th of April from Königs Wusterhausen to Berlin Betriebsbahnhof Schöneweide I walked 20km, and finally I entered in Berlin Area. Moreover to the center of Berlin just 10kms left. During walking through the local people’s living area I saw great scenery of local people’s action which I always try to spread the message to the people which is
“Everybody can do a small action for Peace and Protection the Environment in our daily life individually”

What I saw was one of the family who live near by the small park of forest.
The family entered forest and collected the rubbished and through it to the public rubbish bin. The family has 2 little kids whom might be just 4 years old little girl and all together from kids to parents they clean the public area proactively!
Their attitude is great example! As same as the family doing for their environment, living area in our daily life there are full of stuff that we can do for environment and for peace! – But we do not try to do, we do not try to know, we do not try to see – Although for our own family we can easy to feel and realize the situation of family, and house situation – and we do try to talk with family and try to solve the problems and relationship for their family, in addition people try to keep clean the house doing house works.
However as soon as we leave the house many people don’t care the others the environment. Even do not say hello to the people who pass by.

Through my walking in Germany I do say hello to people who passed by, but city nobody did, but country side people look at me and say hello or give bow. – we smile feeling happiness!

Not only these consideration to the other through the little things of greeting we can feel the connection with others. And we can feel the happiness.
And also if we do a good things for the environment – people who lives same community area unite and do the actions as same as the family whom I explain in above – what would be the world situation? Wouldn’t be much better world than present situation??

We do had the culture living with together with people at same community as a big family we did sharing, helping, appreciating, encouraging, empowering, teaching, and learning with each other – all people who live in a same community teach the young generation! From kids to adult no matter how is the occupation, age or gender or generation… we were same!
Let’s keep remind what was our life!! There are all answer in our ancestor knowledge and words! – Which I saw at the park of forest one of the family were cleaning their area of environment teaching the kids who to live in our life!IMG_2736 IMG_2737    IMG_2742 IMG_2743

Municipality of Königs Wusterhausen reported our actions for Peace next week through regional press message of Brandenburg

18 4月

konigs Wusterhausen

Municipality of Königs Wusterhausen reported our actions for Peace next week through regional press message of Brandenburg!
And also mentioned about my plan to plant tree at Berlin with Chancellor of Angela Merkel and Mayor of Berlin!
Thank u so much for your support throgh the Brandenburg regional press message site!!! Ich danke Ihnen aufs herzlichste!!!

Walking from Groß Köris to Königs Wusterhausen 20km – 30km left to Berlin & Getting interview from Local Media

18 4月

Today morning from 8 am I did walked from Groß Köris to Königs Wusterhausen 20km
IMG_2673 IMG_2674 IMG_2675 IMG_2679

–it was great walk in a nature encounter with many wild animal and hearing the sound of nature! In the morning most of the animal was quite active – bird, Deer, Goose, and the area of Brandenburg is quite green and full of diversity of nature I could enjoy. – now just 30km left to Berlin.

Moreover this afternoon I got interview from Königs Wusterhausen local newspaper called Märkische Allgemeine.
Just 2 days walking left to Berlin using weekend, and next week I do try to do my actions in Berlin for spreading the message of Peace! More information as soon as possible I do inform everybody, when I get new news!!! Please support the last action of my walking from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany in Berlin! Peace in our heart! Peace at home! Peace for the world!

Walking from Brand to Gross Köris 20km ~50kms left to Berlin!~

17 4月

IMG_2619 IMG_2620 IMG_2621 IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2629 IMG_2630 IMG_2631 IMG_2632 IMG_2633

Message to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel & to World Peace Friends

17 4月

message to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

Here is the letter which I sent to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel for asking to accept the Symbol of Peace Tree planting at Berlin Wall where spreads “Unity for Peace” and when the symbol of Protection the Environment “Earth Day” 22nd of April!

Still I do try what I can do to make the Symbol of Peace Tree planting happens
in order to spread great message of Peace which without protection the environment, we cannot make peace in our society and without peace in our society we cannot protect the environment. Because peace exist between human and human & human and nature!

I myself these few days I do keep walking toward Berlin. Today I walked from
Brand to Groß Köris – 20kms, and same time at Königs Wusterhausen with Municipality of this town we organized the event for next Thursday action
-holding lecture and tree planting at Königs Wusterhausen with students,

As Berlin got closer by my walking, something start to be happens!
I still still keep our wish! that over 585 people from 20 different countries sent me the signature of Petition for symbol of Peace tree planting!

I do believe Angela Merkel – who is the leader of Germany, and leader of European Union, and who spreads the message of sustainability would spreads great message of Peace through this symbol of peace tree planting on the day of Earth
and at the place of unity for Peace!!!!!!!!


Plum trees bloom most beautifully as they stand and overcome the cold severe winter

16 4月


“Plum trees bloom most beautifully as they stand and overcome the cold severe winter”
Once I determined to use my life for Peace staking on my life,
using my life, using my time, using my everything.

I do have to keep my determination for peace live for peace.
I do have to never give up.
I do have to have a strong heart as same as stone or Iron!

I do believe someday people start to understand my message and
start to do the action individually even if now people do not believe me,
even if people don’t trust me.

The hardness and the difficulties would make me more wise and give me
more wide view for everybody and for peace!
I do believe now what I try to do using my life is destiny! and my mission!
I do keep my strength! I do keep my faith and believes and never get influence from
the others and no matter the situation or people’s behavior I do keep my way of my life for Peace!

一貫唯唯諾  一貫、唯唯(いい)の諾
従来鉄石肝  従来、鉄石(てっせき)の肝
貧居生傑士  貧居(ひんきょ)、傑士(けっし)を生み
勲業顕多難  勲業(くんぎょう)多難に顕(あら)わる
耐雪梅花麗  雪に耐えて梅花麗(うるわ)しく
経霜楓葉丹  霜を経て楓葉(ふうよう)丹(あか)し
如能識天意  如(も)し、能(よ)く、天意を識(し)らば、
豈敢自謀安  豈(あに)敢(あえ)て、自から安きを謀(はか)らむや

初春の雪の冷たさを耐え忍んだ梅の花が麗しく咲いて芳香を放つように、晩秋の深い霜をしのいで楓の葉が真っ赤に染まるように(人間というものは、辛いことや 苦しいことを耐え忍んでこそ大成するのだ)。(天は人々に本分を授けている。)

Something seems to be happens from Königs Wusterhausen ~Let’s cross our finger and do what we can!~

16 4月

Today something seems to be happen in Königs Wusterhausen Germany!
Please keep crossing our finger and do what we can do!
Every time there are some way for Peace!
More information would be informed in few days!
Thank you so much for your effort and for your praying and wishes for Peace!1D5022E87C284FB24D36274FB24C78

Back to my Walking toward Berlin 68kms left to Berlin! ~Let’s share our knowledge and make something wothful things for spread the message of Peace from Berlin!

15 4月

Back to Walk toward Berlin – 68 kms left to Berlin! Yesterday on 13th of April I did gave 585 signatures from 20 different country Petition to accept tree planting as Symbol of Peace at Berlin Wall on Earth Day 22nd of April.
We did great great job for Peace uniting together! But if you still want to send your signature of petition please send with your message to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel: angela.merkel@bundestag.de.

About me I didn’t finished my walking from Auschwitz to Berlin so today I go back to the place Lübben where I finished my walking on 11th of April and walked to Brand about 16kms! Using 3 to 4 days more I do walk 68km and will arrive in Berlin in this weekend!

Now we are waiting Angela Merkel replies for our Petition! And I hope she will accept global cause for Peace planting tree as symbol of Peace at Berlin Wall on Earthday!!! But let’s think more possibility for making it happens!!

If you have any connection with anybody at Berlin Germany!
If you have any connection who has a connection with Germany parliament members!
Or some people who can reach to Angela Merkel!
Let’s start to contact with them and make something happens together!!

Still we have a time! Let’s share our knowledge, connections, and information! All together make something worthful stuff for spreading the message of Peace on Earthday! At Berlin!!!!

Here is the some video which I took today during my walking from Lübben to Brand in a forest!

Always I myself get full of imagination during my walking in Nature!

Please watch the video clear the mind and think what would be more possibility to do more effort for Peace!!!

Thank u so much!!

Paul P. Harris Planted Tree at Berlin in 1932 with Local people, But why 585 people from 20 different countries people wish for Peace with one tree planitng at Berlin have to be refused??

14 4月

berlin 2berlintree1932 (1)
Here is the the Essay of Paul P. Harris who was a Chicago, Illinois, attorney known for founding Rotary International in 1905, a service organization that currently has well over one million members worldwide.

On his essay he wrote about his first tree planting at Berlin with the fervent hope that it would stand for many years as symbolic of the living, growing friendship between the German people and his own country.

And times goes by I came to Berlin with 585 people’s signature from 20 different countries for global wish that everybody become global citizen of Peace and make real peaceful world across the frame of human being at Berlin Wall where is symbol of Peace and when the symbol of Protection the Environment Earth Day 22nd of April!

There are no reason to say NO! And if they say NO means
We do not care the Peace! We do not care ordinary people! and
Individual action for peace!!

I still keep believe that Berlin people & Government of Berlin and Germany
has wise and wide view for Peace and for our human being bright future! and
no matter who we are, no matter the position, no matter the rules, following our humanity and goodwill we could spread great message on earth day at Berlin wall
at 2015 – important year for Peace! – following 25th anniversary of breaking down the berlin wall, 70 anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation Camp. and 70 anniversary of Ending WW2!