Letter from Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

15 5月

IMG_0076 (3) letter to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

Dear All

Today I received amazing stuff from Germany. It was the letter from Chancellor of Germany – “Angela Merkel” with her appreciation for my message.
I do appreciate for her kindness & concerning the people who have suffered from the world situation!
It is the great sign that everybody has a right to peace and if we have a passion we can do so many things individually!
This thing – people who always support, encourage, and inspire me taught me and the world!
Once again I do appreciate everybody for all the time supports and encouragement toward my peace actions!

Best Regards
Your friend YUJI MIYATA

My trees starts to bloom and bring the happiness all over the world!

14 5月

11262334_10153803622964428_1509297828_nYuji's tree

Now it is the time of Spring in a many countries and these days my peace friends sent me the pictures of tree – blooming the flowers which I planted!
Here is the one the pictures from Berlin Germany, and Chaumont Switzerland!
The flowers brings people happiness and message of peace!
Thank u so much again for sharing a wonderful pictures of tree with beautiful flower!
And I really do appreciate for taking care of the tree!!

Making form of Peace Bridge from Past History to the Bright Future

11 5月

<First Step – Twin City Project between Auschwitz Poland & Chiran Japan>
Making form of Peace Bridge from Past History to the Bright Future

On 29th of April, honorably from Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Mayor Mr. Albert Bartosz I received the letter to Mayor of Minami Kyushu (Chiran) for future partnership between Oswiecim (Auschwtiz) and Chiran in order to make a peaceful world.
And these days I contacted with Municipality of Minami Kyushu for making appointment with Mayor of Minami Kyushu Mr. Kanpei Shimoide in order to make an agreement on this partnership and to make an appointment with two mayor’s conference in September!

On 28th of May I do have a meeting with Mayor of Minami Kyushu Mr. Kanpei Shimoide and keep preparing the conference & peace week project which purpose and goal is <Growing next young leaders for Peace & Giving a young generation an opportunity to be able to think about peace, act for peace and spread the message of peace from individual actions locally & globally uniting with people across the differences of human races.”

Auschwitz & Chiran both city has same sad negative side of human history “2015” it is the year of anniversary 70 anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation Camp & 70 anniversary of ending Pacific War – and due to the situation of world nowadays – therefore two city’s partnership & Peace Education gathering the students from different counties educate pece is the golden message that we can learn the mistake of human being, and not only learning but from this we can remind our humanity which is “Appreciation” “Respect” “Kindness” “Apology” “Forgiveness” and “Compassion”, and moreover we can raise multi-cultural awareness and understanding, and encourage the people to develop a sense of global responsibility and citizenship for our world and for the future!

Mayor of Oswiecim & I and people who supports the twin city project & peace week project we believe and convince it is the great step for making peaceful world!

I myself through my actions I do keep trying to make a better world!, and do keep inspiring, encouraging, empowering all the people to start the actions for peace individually and at their daily life!

Firstly I will and I must make these projects a sucess!
Giving me a full of support my peace family & peace friend!

Here is the letter detail

“Letter of Intent”

In my capacity as mayor of the district of the city of Oświęcim I am addressing you as the mayor of the city of Chrian with a proposal for entering into a partnership between our cities. It would be our utmost pleasure and we would greatly appreciate if you agreed to involve in this enterprise.


My request is followed by the fact that both Oświęcim and Chrian has been gravely affected by the World War II. In the area that belongs to the city of Oświęcim, namely in Brzezinka, a Nazi Concentration Camp has been built. Its purpose was to repress and annihilate, initially only the Jewish nation, and in consequence other nations of Europe as well.
What is more, as far as I know the WWII has also taken its toll on the city of Chiran, as the Chrian Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots well commemorates the tragic events of that times.


During the war many lives have been taken and keeping the memory of those lost alive is a crucial and vital element of our lives. The Nazi Concentration Camp is in itself an example of remembrance, and this year has been the 70th Anniversary of its liberation.
Learning from our own mistakes, but not only our own, should be the base of human attitude nowadays. Owing to knowledge and experience of other countries allows us to look at the world from a different perspective. We learn to care not only for ourselves, but also for the well-being of others, for their basic needs of accommodation, alimentation and affection. Those elements can only be available in the peaceful and loving society. That is exactly my intention, which I wish to achieve through collaboration with the community of the city of Chiran. I believe that the potential cooperation and mutual exchange of experiences will be beneficial to both sides; in the respect of gaining new knowledge and exploring our diverse yet beautiful and valuable cultures. This in turn will prevent unnecessary international conflicts in the future.
I would be grateful if you looked into this proposal and consider entering into a partnership between our cities, as I am deeply convinced that it might provide abundance of benefits to both parties.
Yours faithfully,


ナチス強制収容所その物がその記憶と共に追悼する例えとなっております。今年2015年 強制収容所解放70周年を迎え、ただ我々人類の失敗を学ぶだけではなく、現在人類の大きな人間性“ヒューマニティー”の基盤とし未来につなげる必要性があります。そして



アウシュビッツ市・州自治区市長 アルベルトバルトッシュ

Finding the unity in variety ~St. Mary’s International School Carnival~

10 5月

IMG_0044 IMG_0060 IMG_0059 IMG_0054 IMG_0052 IMG_005311206069_10205336058495817_6270815842216873011_nIMG_0068 IMG_0067 IMG_0066 IMG_0065 IMG_0064 IMG_0063 IMG_0057 IMG_0058 IMG_0061 IMG_0062 IMG_0056 IMG_0055 IMG_0054  IMG_0051 IMG_0045 IMG_0047 IMG_0048 IMG_0049 IMG_0050
Today I visited St. Mary’s International school Carnival event, -because my cousin’s son studies at the school and the day of carnival all of the students, family and friends were opening own countries refreshment stalls selling the countries foods, drinks, and product in order to introduce their culture & raising the donation for their school & for the place where needs helps – ex. Last year they donated the money for countries where suffered by serious disaster of earthquake.

(*my cousin also held one refreshment stalls called “YUKIGUNI” with her friends and were selling the food using local organic healthy product collaborating with Sake brewery called “Hakkaisan”)
*More information –
YUKIGUNI – https://www.facebook.com/groups/uluvsnowcountry/?fref=ts
St. Mary’s international school – http://www.smis.ac.jp/

It is quite amazing event that all the people from students, parents, local community all together cooperated in holding the events being able to partake in the refreshment stalls and performances on stage.

School side they prepared the atmosphere – which is refreshment stalls, cooking instrument, and tables etc.., and participants they asked the shops or company to donate the food ingredients, or participations and hold the big carnival uniting with every in a name of charity raising the donation for good cause!

The event told us the great school principle which is
-Forster multi-cultural awareness and understanding, and encourage students to develop a sense of global responsibility and citizenship.

Moreover the school have opened its doors to over 60 foreign boys ranging from kindergarten to upper secondary school students, gives them a great opportunity to broaden, and grow their spirit of cooperation, friendship, and mutual respect maximize individual achievement.

I was really inspired their way of making people to partake & participate in the event and doing some great actions with full of joy and full of excitement for great cause of charity! ;)

KREATIVHAUS Berlin report our Earth Day event 24.04.2015

7 5月

My last action at Berlin Germany on 24th of April – celebrating Earth Day after long walk from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany 600km- was reported by the Organization “Kreativhaus Berlin” Home Page!
Still my actions in Berlin, Germany, Poland has spread the message of mine!
It is amazing! wink emoticon

Once again KREATIVHAUS Berlin Ms. Angela, Ms.Susanna, Mr.David,
Everybody whom helped the last action at Berlin –
I do express my deepest Gratitude for your support and kindness!!

*Here is more information of my actions! on 24th of April 2015

earth day 24 04 2015

Children’s Day 05/05 -Guest came far away from Okinawa.

6 5月

IMG_0035 (2)IMG_0036 (2)
On 5th, 6th of May from Okinawa very precious people family visited my place “Zushi”
With the family we have had a relationship since 2009 – when I had been walking around Okinawa, and the family keep supporting my Peace & Envrionment actions!
This time we enjoyed staying at Zushi together
– having a discussing for future cooperation,

Especially the day of 5th of May is Children’s day in Japan.
We all celebrate children, wishing their bright future!

For me even I do not have own family or children – it was great moment to keep reminding the purpose of my actions!

And this time the biggest surpirse was their daugther grows very fast – when I was walking through Okinawa
she was just like her younger brother – but now became elementery school girl.

-2009 it was my beginning my peace action
-2015 Not only walking action with tree planting, but could organize the educational project, connecting school and city, growing new young leader for Peace.
IMG_0040 (3)

5 years later, 10 years later, and 15, 20, 25, 30 … My biggest wish for these kids is just keep growing up healthy, safely and peacefully!

For these precious innocent young generation I do keep plant peace seed in the people’s heart in order to everybody start the small actions for peace individually at dairy life.

Relaxing time with planning Action in Japan

4 5月

IMG_0002 IMG_0014 IMG_0021 IMG_0023 IMG_0027 IMG_0028
Now in Japan it is biggest holiday season called Golden Week, over 11 days holiday for every Japanese people! We take big relaxing moment with precious people!

SO DO I on 30th of April I came back to Japan, and next day 1st of May we celebrated my mothers birthday and 2nd of May I met my former teacher, and now I am at my family villa at seaside! place called “Zushi”!
Yesterday whole day I spent time with my fater at Zushi! its been a long time spending the time with my father having an conversation.

This season of spring it is hard to see “Fuji” Mountain but for me the beautiful “Fuji” mountain shows me the beautiful and strong shape! saying “Welcome back to Japan, take a good rest and start great effort for next project in Japan”

Till 6th of May I will stay at this villa having one meeting with my friend talking the project!

More information I will announce very soon!

We are wonderful human being! Just need to change our view of life!

2 5月

We are wonderful human being! Everybody have a great heart of humanity!
Here is the great example of the parent’s love toward the children.
Parents take care of us, show us, teach us, and tell us so many things for our future for our life with full of love with full of patience with full of self-sacrifice.

Tittle <*What is that?>

Tittle <*Fatherly Love>

This is great answer for our world to make a better place!
From today don’t we try to show the others our humanity?
From today don’t we try to choose much more positive way of our behavior?
We are all same human being! Our positive attitude exactly influence the others to start to change their attitude using our great sense of humanity!  

One to five,
Five to ten,
Ten to hundred,
Hundred to thousand,
Thousand to million,
Our small our attitude with goodwill and kindness makes a better world!!!

It is the time to make a better world for our young generation, our precious kids in this world!

Just kids are amazing!

1 5月

This is wonderful video which tells us the kids has a great sense of human being!

The age of from 3 to 9 Children were blindfold and were guided towards the group of women, and using their senses and intuition asked to try to find the one they believed to be their mother. Anxiety, love and a bit of heartfelt tears filled the room as children tried and succeed in finding the one and only they could call mum!

Kids is really amazing angel in our world!
What we show, what we tell, what we behave toward kids
– our innocent kids future will be changed!

Let’s show them our love,
let’s show them our positivity!
Let’s show them our hope and dream!
And for their future let’s make a better world!

Let’s do what we can do in our daily life!
Small action will be the great hope for our kids!

SENTEZ KOLEJİ ~ announced our partnership “School of Peace” project

30 4月



BM Resmi barış elçisi Yuji Miyata’nın önderliğinde oluşturulan ”School of Peace & Friend of Peace” projesi kapsamında 9. sınıf öğrencilerimizden oluşan “Barış Okulları Proje Takımı”nın özverili çalışmaları neticesinde Sentez Koleji ”Dünya Barış Okulları” sertifikası almaya hak kazanmıştır. Bu bağlamda öğrencilerimiz kendilerine hedef kitle olarak daha genç öğrencileri seçip ve bu konular üzerinde çeşitli çalışmalar ve sunumlar yapıyorlar. ” Ağaç yaşken eğilir” sözünden yola çıkan öğrencilerimiz; barış içinde daha temiz, daha yeşil bir çevrede yaşam hakkı için çalışıp farkındalık yaratmayı hedeflemektedirler.

More Detail of School of Peace Project