Official Invitation Letter for cooperation & collaboration in Symbol of Peace Tree Planting at Berlin Wall Memorial on Earth Day 22nd of April

31 3月

Official Invitation Letter for cooperation & collaboration in
Symbol of Peace Tree Planting at Berlin Wall Memorial on Earth Day 22nd of April

Raising the common awareness of Peace & Protection the Environment &
Awaking people humanity & right to Peace


Dear Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

Please accept this letter for cooperation & collaboration in “Symbol of Peace Tree Planting” Action at Berlin Wall Memorial on Earth Day 22nd of April 2015 which designed by me -Founder of Peace Week initiative & Peace messenger / Environmentalist YUJI MIYATA- On 22nd Earth Day is the day of worldwidely important day holding the actions to demonstrate support for environmental protection. In 1969 at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace, to first be celebrated on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. And now the Earth Day is coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year. With full of my respect & appreciation I propose every nations people to gather in front of Berlin Wall Memorial and plant one tree as symbol of peace and symbol of Global Citizen of Peace & Earth creature on the day of Earth 22nd of April. I myself as Peace messenger and International Representative of Celebration Earth – a special project called “The Culture of Peace Initiative”, designated by the United Nations as a Peace Messenger Initiative and the leading event of the 2009 International Day of Peace, I spread the message of peace and environmental protection to the global community by walking and doing various kinds of activities such as organizing International youth Education for Peace & UN International day of Peace (when is ,21st of Sep ) events, the planting of trees, lectures at schools & University, helping and giving hope to young generations at orphanage.

From 2007 to 2012 on behalf of “The Culture of Peace Initiative”, designated by the United Nations as a Peace Messenger Initiative, as a messenger of Peace I have done my walking mission from China to London, walking 12,500 km for a total of five years, planting 4060 trees, visiting 700 schools and 200 orphanages in 17 different countries. Since 2012 because of the situation of the world which many innocent kids are suffering from world situation I began a new education project called “Peace Week” which purpose and goal is <Growing next young leaders> for Peace & Protection Environment giving a young generation an opportunity to be able to think about peace, act for peace and spread the message of peace from individual actions locally & globally uniting with people across the differences of human races.”

-2013, 2014 he already held this project at Sofia Bulgaria cooperated with Bulgaria Ministry of Environment and Water, Ministry of Youth & Sport, Embassy of Indonesia, Egypt, Palestine, South Korea and Japan, United Nation Association of Bulgaria, Municipality of Sofia (Bulgaria), Municipality of Kutina (Croatia), Municipality of Jagodina (Serbia), and Ministry of Education Croatia. And this year 2015 he will hold the project in Japan Kagoshima Chiran where has sad history of the WW2 as same as Auschwitz.

Through my walking actions, and Peace education I did impacted on this world and inspired the people especially young generation, however on the other hand the world situation became worse year by year. Therefore not only my educational actions but from this year 2015 Not only Peace Week Project but I started walking again for inspiring, for encouragement, and for empowering the people to start the action for peace and protection the environment at dairy life individually. As a first steps I will walk from
“Auschwitz Birkenau German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp” Poland to Berlin Germany
(From 28th of Feb to 22nd of April)

On the day when I arrived in Berlin on 22nd of April when is the Earth Day, I would like to gather all people from different nations from ministry from embassy and plant one tree as symbol of peace in front of the Berlin Wall and as a Global Citizen of Peace and Earth.

I do believe it is the golden message of unity for peace that we all together plant symbol of Peace tree thinking real peace between human & human & human & Nature – at the place of Berlin Wall Memorial where spreads the message of unity and on the day of Earth and the important year of Peace because of 70 anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz – Birkenau, 25th Anniversary of Breaking down the wall of Berlin, 70 anniversary of ending the World War 2.

With full of respect & appreciation I would like to propose everybody to cooperate in this event of Earth Day 22nd of April organizing the event together.

Through the Actions I do wish people start to respect each other, unite together and try to do sustainable actions and educations to the next generation of the world toward Peace & protection the Environment.

I strongly believe the actions for peace together would be a great opportunity for forming the peace rainbow from tears of the earth & human being to the bright future. Please consider and accept my big peace action in order to raise the future hopes of the young generation. Yours Sincerely

Peace Messenger at Celebration Earth Founder / President at Peace Week Institution YUJI MIYATA <Detail>

YUJI MIYATA (32 Japan)

*Peace Messenger & Environmentalist /Founder to Peace Week Educational Institution.
■-2004 Graduated Keio University Policy Management    -2006 Graduated Yonsei University Korean Language

■Joined Green Olympic walk support Green the Beijing Olympic
December 2007 to August 2008 walked 2200km and planting 234trees.

■Ramsar International Conference COP10 support walk
August 2008 to November 2008 Walked 650km, planting trees

■International day of Peace ceremony at Edrine Turkey
On 21 September 2011 The UN Peace Day Ceremony celebrated in Edirne Turkey by holding cultural Performance (Arts, music concert,),
Peace day celebration (Praying, Planting tree, Speech for Peace), and many activities.

It was supported by Edirne Anatolian High School of Fine Arts and Sports, Edirne City Government, Turkey Social & Culture Department,Environment & Forestry Directorate, Edirne Education Department, and Europe & International Relations Office and Peace Messenger & Environmentalist Yuji Miyata


*January 2009 to 27 July 2012
Walked 12,500 km for a total of five years, planting 3050 trees, visiting 500 schools and 200 orphanages in 17 different countries (China, South Korean, Okinawa, Taiwan Vietnam Cambodia, Thailand, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, England) for spreading Peace & Environmental Message with lots of people including Government, NGO, Media, and Local people

■International Day of Peace Celebration & Peace Monument Unveiling Ceremony
On 21 September 2012 The UN Peace Day Ceremony Celebrated in Edirne Turkey cooperating with Edirne Governorship, Ministry of Education, and Municipality of Edirne.


■Taiwan Church Press “Yuji の地球物語”Column
April 2011 to December 2012


■Pray for Syria Project 1 October 2012 to present


■Peace Week Institution
2013 2014 held the project at Sofia Bulgaria cooperated with Bulgaria Ministry of Environment and Water, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sport, United Nation Association of Bulgaria, Embassy of Japan, Embassy of Republic of South Korea, Embassy of Indonesia, Embassy of Egypt, Embassy of Palestine, Municipality from Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Ministry of Education Croatia.


<Honor & Awards>

-Oct/2011 Bulgaria Plovdiv “Honorary title of city” -Oct/2012 “FDP’s Top 100 Green Online Influencers of 2012″ Award
-Oct/2013 Honor Award of “First English Language School” Sofia/ Bulgaria

peace week official invitation letter to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel for Symbol of Peace tree planting at Berlin Wall-page-001peace week official invitation letter to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel for Symbol of Peace tree planting at Berlin Wall-page-002
peace week official invitation letter to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel for Symbol of Peace tree planting at Berlin Wall

Konkrety Regional Newspaper & School “II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Wyspiańskiego w Legnice” reported my actions on their newspaper!

31 3月

My Peace Action in Legnica was reported on local newspaper called Konkrety and newspaper of School “II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Wyspiańskiego w Legnice”
キャプチャlegnica school news
*Konkrety Newspaper
*II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Wyspiańskiego w Legnice

Friend is the one of the precious people in our life!

30 3月

From yesterday far away from Japan one of my university time friends whom is studying MBA in USA & recently as an exchange program live in Germany came to Poland to join my Peace Actions. And today with my friends we walked from Wierzbowa to Leszno Górne about 15kms in a forest!
IMG_2081 IMG_2083

The friend who came to Poland to see me was used to live same dormitory of Rowing Team as a same Crew! But he was canoeist, and I was rowing oarsman.
-4 years we lived same roof, practiced the rowing and canoeing each other at same Tokyo Olympic Boat course located in Toda city Saitama prefecture Japan, overcame the hardness & difficulties together sharing all of our emotions at University time. Therefore the one of the close friends came to the place where I tried to do my actions for peace was quite touching reunion and encouraged me and my actions.
Due to his studying in Germany and also working, he just could join 1 day walking spending time for 2 days (From 28th to 29th of March) but It was amazing moments that not only my family but these close friend understands, supports and joins the actions for Peace.

Not the friend but other most of friends of mine got married and have an own family having children, work hard not only in Japan but also in this world. As their friend, through my Peace actions I do try my best for making better world inspiring, encouragement, and empowering the people to start to think about peace, act for peace and spread the peace from individual actions at their community and from their words and deeds using our humanity.

Friend is the one of the precious people in our life.
Friend is the one of the precious people whom can share all of our emotions coming appears in our heart.
Friend is the one of the precious people whom can encourage, and inspire each other for making better person together.
Friend is the one of the precious people whom can show our behavior without any expectation.
Friend is the one of the precious people whom can understand each other, overcome the hard situations together and give us the shoulder and hands when we need each other.

IF we have one best friend in our life, life would be much colorful and wonderful.

I myself I am very lucky that I have full of great friend all around the world who connected with each other through my peace actions! I do appreciate my friend Aiura! whom came to Poland to see me!! and I do express my deepest gratitude for every friends of mine in this world!!!!

Tomorrow I do leave Legnica where was the last place where I do my peace actions in Poland at this time, but I do keep walking toward Berlin, using 1 more week I do walk to border between Poland and Germany and will continue to do my peace actions n order to awake people humanity and right to peace and make connections for my Peace Week Institution Educational program and School of Peace Program and Spring Winds for Peace Program.


I think to myself “What a wonderful world”

29 3月

Today I walked 22kms from Chojnow (where I did walked arrived from Legnica on 25th of March) to Wierzbowa going past the villages. At the beginning I walked big road, afterwards small road, small path, and finally I walked in the nature.
On the way I saw wild deer, flowers, and trees, I smelled the trees and green grasses, I heard the singing of the birds, People -not only kids but also all people said “dzień dobry” (Hello in Polish) and I see on the faces of people going by shaking hands and saying “How do you do?” The nature and the people showed their mind of “I love u” from their bottoms on their hearts.
It was great change. I thought to myself “What a wonderful world” today.
Here in this world there are the place of “Wonderful World and Peaceful World”
Every nations, we do have such a wonderful world – as same as the lyrics of “What a wonderful world”.
Every people, we can think and feel as same as the lyrics of “What a wonderful world”

The way to feel and way to think about “What a wonderful world” is “Releasing ourselves”, “Releasing our selfishness”, “Releasing our persistence”, “Releasing our expectation”, and “Being the simple person as same as country side people – feeling the connections with others and nature”.

The way of Peace is the way of our life.
The way of Peace is the way of ourselves.

Everybody can think “What a wonderful world” Let’s go to the country side and let’s walk in the nature meeting with people.
Let’s go to the home town and let’s shaking hands with people and express our love and humanity. And we can find the way of feeling and way of thinking about “What a wonderful world” in our heart!

In our place in our heart there are full of taste of our life! All depend on you!
Don’t be rush, Don’t expect, Don’t be worry, Don’t be nervous! But feel the small happiness from the place and from people, expressing our love and humanity, seeing the nature which exist at your country and living the area.

We can start to find the small sense of “What a wonderful world” everybody places!
IMG_1980 IMG_1981 IMG_1982 IMG_1983 IMG_1984 IMG_1985 IMG_1986 IMG_1987 IMG_1988 IMG_1989 IMG_1990  IMG_1992 IMG_1994  IMG_1996

Kids is amazing innocent human being ~Being able to release their negative feeling and find the happiness immediately

28 3月

IMG_1887 IMG_1890 IMG_1891 IMG_1893 IMG_1894

Today I visited one orphanage in Legnica! In Poland the children situation is quite hard as same as Japanese situation –actually they have own family but several reason of family situations they have no choice to lives in Orphanages with other kids and looking for the family whom can adapt these kids. – Which is very sad because of adult people’s circumstances children suffers and get injured in their heart…. Much painful and much injured in their heart rather than no parents due to some accident or sickness…

When I visited these kids – their face looked like very sad getting little nervous.
And from the moment I did magic using my humanity using my whole emotions and whole my body -expressing my love, my kindness and my happiness!

I told them “We have different skin color, different figure, different culture, but we are same we are family! We all feel love, happiness, sadness, joy, pain, all kind of emotions.
We all need happiness living with smile! We do not need to feel sad or feel anger due to argument or fighting.” And I added – “I am your family! I love you guys! As a family I came here and make you happy feeling Peace!” and gave them some presents related with “Easter Holiday” and made them Origami which is Japanese traditional paper works as much as I could.

Through expression of love and humanity – immediately we closed to each other and we had have a wonderful joyous time with each other kids smiled, kids laughed, kids shouted, showing their full of emotions naturally as same as the other kids!!!!

The kids is amazing – because whenever wherever whatever however whoever they feel happiness and be able to forget the negative feeling immediately which we adult people need to learn from them.

The kids are very happy and called “ARIGATO” which means THANK U all the time!
The innocent pure heart human being! – We need to take care! We need to show our full of humanity for their beautiful happiness life!

In your place there must be some kids who needs love! Who needs happiness!
Please make some times and visit these kids and show your humanity and kindness through your love and joy and happiness which you got from your parents!
It is priceless! Just need your body and need your small kindness! Everybody can do these stuff! Let’s show our good behavior and good words and deeds for them and lights up their bright future for their life!

From bottom on my heart Please do me your favor and do something for your community and city peace.. We need your helps for Peace.

Let’s make our kids to be able to say “What a wonderful world” in the future!!

27 3月

Let’s imagine the world like this lyrics!
Let’s do some actions for this world to be like the world of the lyrics!
Let’s spread our great humanity for the others! making real name of family
to be able to say and think the words “What a wonderful world” as same as this song!
Just In order to all of our next generation could live in a wonderful world!
after 100 years 200 years and 300 years later.
Let’s think what we can do at this moment and in our life!

“What a Wonderful World”
I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world
I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world
The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do
They’re really saying, I love you
I hear babies cry, I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world
Yes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world


I do not want to be a great man, but I want everybody to be a wonderful great person for everybody.

27 3月

I do not want to be a great man, but I want everybody to be a wonderful great person for everybody.

What is the meaning of great man, or wonderful man?? Here in Poland many people asked me what is your occupation??
– I said I am Peace Messenger, I am founder of Peace Week Institution – I do my actions for peace for everybody, but people couldn’t get the point, and they wondered and asked me “How can u earn the money??”

It is exactly the people way of thinking, People think – Great man or Wonderful Man is the people whom do big actions with big organization donating the full of money or bringing the great opportunity for the people to earn more money or to get more high positions, or to get some attention from people who have a power or money or position.
These are the general great and wonderful person nowadays.

Therefore many ways people just focus on my age, or my atmosphere and decided who I am – they wrote or called – I am lonely wonder traveler and couldn’t focus on the message which I always try to express through the lectures and meetings.

I really don’t want to be such a great person which people think even I can be, and I also don’t want to be a special person as my meaning of Great man or wonderful man whom lights up the people’s future and their life, or whom inspire or empower the people to stand up for peace doing good actions for the others using their full of humanity.

Some people called I am special, some people called I am lonely wonder traveler.

What I can say is I am the person who live in this mother earth as same as the others.

I am the Earthman, who wish real peace in this world.
I am the Earthman who feel my responsibility and destiny for this world.
I am the Earthman who try what I can do for this world with humanity.

And not only me but everybody is the Earthman who live in this same beautiful mother earth!

I want everybody to be a great man or wonderful man who can feel the responsibility and destiny and morality for this world.
I want everybody to be a great man or wonderful man who show our humanity and our goodwill for the others doing the actions for peace for the others without expectations.

I do not care myself but I care the peace and I care the world.

Today also following my destiny and my morality and my responsibility and visited one high school in Legnica and held the lecture and planted tree with young generation!
IMG_1860 IMG_1863 IMG_1875 IMG_1876 IMG_1877 IMG_1878 IMG_1879 IMG_1885
Tomorrow I do visit Orphanage for light up the kids who needs love and hope for their future!

Whatever Whenever Wherever However I keep my Peace actions being honest with myself

26 3月

99 990
Today I walked from Legnica to chojnów 19.7kms. Honesty I do depress due to the people’s behavior through Spring Winds for Peace Campaign. People said I am busy, I do individual actions for our local community. – trying to avoid from the situations. Nobody post any small actions for their precious people and for the people who needs helps at their community or their living area.

Now world really needs positive energy, encouragement, inspiring, empowering for each other as a global citizen for peace!

I still believe we have a heart of humanity and heart of peace however there are more people who needs helps who needs some encouragement, empowering from other people’s actions, or words, or behaviors. I want to ask everybody
– everybody’s behavior, everybody’s way of thinking, have you ever determined to use your life, use your time, use your money, and use everything for others and for peace?? As much as you feel, or thinking, could you change your behavior or could you change attitude for peace for the others doing something???

I think most of the people feel some beholden due to the busy working, due to some situation of your life, and due to avoiding from your true heart with goodwill and humanity.

Important thing is nobody avoid from your heart! Even nobody look at you but yourselves look your behavior, and look your words and deeds!

I myself, whatever whenever wherever whoever however be true to my heart! and following my determination I kept my best for peace. For example many people didn’t believe me that really I walked from China to London using 5 years, and didn’t believe me that I am walking from Oswiecim Poland to Berlin Germany.
As I said in above, even nobody look at us, we ourselves look at our all behavior and words and deeds. And I cannot tell a lie for myself! And if I tell a lie I really think I cannot do my actions for peace. So I am honest with myself I keep walking and keep my peace actions every single places. And even people against me, even people couldn’t understand my message, or people couldn’t do any actions for peace due to some reasons, I myself be true to myself, and as much as I determined I keep doing what I can do for this world.

I am not sure how long does it takes but I do want to believe my endless actions for peace would inspire the people and the time – time of people starting the actions for peace.

Municipality of Legnica reported my visiting and future actions in the city!

25 3月


Yesterday I walkedI arrived in Legnica and today with Municipality of Legnica
We had a meeting for our cooperations in Peace actions.
Thuseday I will visit High school & Friday I will visit Orpanage! for giving a young generation a hope and dreams!
Here is the news of todays visiting Municipality of Legnica!…

Importance of Greeting – it is the basic expression of our humanity

24 3月

4ec82f12f3275d6d51a9338d672f2e65IMG_1815 IMG_1816 IMG_1817 IMG_1818 IMG_1819 IMG_1826 IMG_1828 IMG_1829 IMG_1830 IMG_1831
Today Morning 7:54 took a train to move to Legnica for the next basement of my walking,
-9:30 visited Municipality of Legnica in order to arrange the actions in Legnica, and
-11:10 took the train to go back to Mazurowice and 26.4kms I walked from Malczyce via Dabie Jascowice and arrived in Legnica today evening.

Today walking was much more silent than previous whole walking since I have walked since Oswiecim – leaving from big road and – walking small road and path, walking past the very small villages… I really enjoyed my walking today.

What was made me surprised and also made me amazed most in Poland was the kid’s attitude – all kids who went past said “Hello” to me through today’s walking in the “COUNTRY SIDE VILLEGE”.
– it was the first time in Poland and in my peace actions I visited many places
– not many places could see these people’s and children normal & common attitude to say hello to the people meeting on the road even know each other.

I remembered clearly when I was kids even in Tokyo I and everybody did the same attitudes.
Because We learned these common sense – saying greetings for everybody when I was kindergarten kids.
Importance of Greeting – it is because  it is the first contact with people and first conscideration for the others with kindness, and expressing our appreciation, or our humanity.

However year by year it have been hard to listen the words of “Hello” or “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon” even from the neighbors from friends and from people.

Saying greeting words, expressing appreciation, it is the really basic humanity and morality and common sense in our life.

DO you say hello to your family? Friend? Or colleague or teacher??
DO you say thank you to the people?

What I try to do these days through Spring Winds for peace, and all the action for peace is awaking our humanity and right to peace which all have in our heart! and start to change our words and deeds previous time which we all did before as normal common sense but it changes and became as abnormal.