Here is some example video interview which we do at Peace Week 2015 ~listening the message of Peace from the people who have had a war experiences~

7 7月

This is exactly what I want students to do to listen the message of peace from the people whom have had the war experiences. Their knowledge and Messge through the real hard situation of War is treasure. I would like students to listen and learn the meaning of Peace and making thinking their responsibility for peace and for future generation.

“Vietnam” -now it is most important point in Vietnam through the biggest transportation period from past to the future, through the experiences of this time visiting Vietnam

4 7月

“Vietnam” -now it is most important point in Vietnam through the biggest transportation period from past to the future, through the experiences of this time visiting Vietnam

From 27th to 30th of June I visited Vietnam Ho Chi Minh in order to give young Vietnam students opportunity to gain more knowledge and experiences through my lecture & participation in Peace Week Program.
It is all came from the memories in Vietnam during my walking through the country for spreading the message of Peace from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, and Ho Chi Minh Vietnam to Bankok Thailand in 2009, 2010.

The people and children who have started relationship since 2009, 2010 was quite amazing – they do have full of humanity which many people have forgotten, and have determination for their country and for their future generation.
I learned so many things from the people, and the memory of occurrence which people and children saved my life once at Vietnam, -these all experiences and memories I do cannot forget them and forget my appreciation for Vietnam – that is the biggest reason to push me to bring back me to Vietnam again.
In addition the lecture at RMIT University which I held –from the beginning by the grace of friends of mine support and helps we could hold the Event –
the point and the behavior and attitude from my old friends and the people who was the students at my previous time visiting Vietnam – they still keep goodness of Vietnam.

However this time visiting Ho Chi Minh City I felt the huge differences and changes compare with 2010. The City became much bigger city than previous time– more high building, more people.
And due to the getting influence from the capitalism or materialism – people seems to start to forget the greatest point of Vietnamese – “HUMANITY” which is
Appreciation, Respect, Kindness, Apology, Forgiveness, Compassion, and to become more individual – especially young generation who was born in rich family and who has no problems for their life.

What was my biggest surprise was the younger generation in Vietnam.
-From the students who participate in my lecture, and event, – Nobody say the worlds of “Thank you”

Since 2007 I have done my peace actions and met full of young generation through my lecture, and my peace actions always people and students say the words of “APPRECIATION”
It was my first time to see the situation – the huge differences in 5 years in the country.
And 2015 is the anniversary of union of Vietnam and ending the Vietnam War.

I really felt now it is most important point in Vietnam through the biggest transportation period from past to the future in Vietnam.

– To get full of influence the world trend of Society – Materialism and Capitalism, Or
To keep the good and strong point of Vietnam – Humanity and respect and find the way of Co-exist.

There were gravely affection through the Vietnam War – Nature was destroy due to agent orange, and people lost the family and relatives, and still people have suffered due to the Vietnam War. But Vietnam Ancestor and people have kept making effort for their country! Making better country and peaceful country!

It is golden time and golden year to educate young generation “What is the importance for Peace & for this world and telling our global responsibility for peace for country and for future generation which Vietnam Great ancestor had had done for the country. I fully convince that if all Vietnamese understand more importance of the nature and how great environment they have in the city center at Ho Chi Minh, and what was happens during the war – many people suffered serious damage due to the war Vietnam can spread great real peace & protection environment message through the world!

Vietnam has huge history of the war, and through the knowledge of Ancestor of Vietnamese most of the people have kept the great mind of Peace, and great mind of responsibility for their country and their future generation with humanity.
Some point the young generation could not learn the importance of the mind which people kept and following the materialism and capitalism due to the dramatically increasing the wealth through the development.

I do keep wish and pray for Vietnam to keep spreading the nobility message of Peace and educate young generation the importance of Peace & Humanity.

I do also keep trying my best for Vietnamese as well as I do for this world Peace least of my life as my obligation and duty for Vietnam.

Thank you so much again all of my friend who support and helps my action in Vietnam.
And let’s keep doing more actions for Peace at Vietnam together!


Saigon Times reported my Peace Lecture & Tree Planting at RMIT University

4 7月

vietnam saigon times

Officially Peace Week 2015 will be cosponsored by City of Minami-Kyushu

3 7月

Officially Peace Week 2015 will be cosponsored by City of Minami-Kyushu.
Here is the certificate from the City.

In addition today City of Minamikyushu Committee also adopted the budget of visiting Oswiecim for twin city Partnership between Oswiecim & Minami-Kyushu City.

From 8th ~ 12th of July with Mayor of Minami-Kyushu City we will visit Osiwecim for diplomatic relations. It is my first time to participate in diplomatic relations in order to make twin city partership across the country!

Minami-kyushu City and all citizens of Minami-Kyushu, and Oswiecim Mayor of Gmina Oświęcim Mr. Albert Bartosz and Citizen of Oswiecim, I do thank and appreciate for endeavor toward peace & future generation living with peace.
市長からの公式文書0001 (2)  共催承認通知0001 (2)

My Peace actions at RMIT University was reported by local press at Ho Chi Minh Vietnam!

1 7月

Don Sinh

Lecture at RMIT UNIVERSITY Ho Chi Minh

29 6月

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On 29th of June from 10 A.M to 01:30 P.M I held the lecture for students of RMIT UNIVERSITY Ho Chi Minh Campus with symbol of peace tree planting.

Moreover I do made an agreement for cooperation in Peace Week Educational Program gathering the students from the University.

I have full of obligation for Vietnam – because
once the Vietnam kids & people saved my life in 2009. As much as I can I do try for Vietnam as well as for Peace.

It is my pleasure to do some actions again for Vietnam! and lastly I do express my deepest gratitude for accpeting to holiding the event at RMIT, and for helping to organizing the event at the University!!!

Cam on!

Arriving at Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City in order to gathering students for Peace Week 2015

27 6月


Today taking 11hrs fright from Japan via Taipei I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam in order to gather the students for Peace Week!

The last time to visit Vietnam for Peace Action was 2009, 2010 – walking from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city over 1600km. For the first time in 5 years I came back to Vietnam!

On Monday 29th of June at Royal Merborum Institute Technology University in Vietnam I do hold the lecture event & introduction of Peace Week Project for students!

Preparation for Twin City Project between Auschwitz (Oswiecim) & Minami-Kyushu (Chiran) & Peace Week Project

16 6月

From 14th of June, I am staying in Chiran, Minami-Kyushu, Japan for having a meeting with Mayor of Minami-Kyushu City, Principal of High school, and local community people for cooperation in Twin City Project between Oswiecim (Auschwitz) and Minami-Kyushu (Chiran) & Peace Week Project 2015 Chiran.
From 9;30 to 19:00 I had 5 different meeting with people!

It is very tight schedule and have to do many things for making happens for this twin city and peace week project for young generation!
But I have full of energy for this projects! all comes from people who trust me in this world! and people try to help me!

All together let’s make it happens and spread real message of peace! at the very important year for peace!IMG_0290

Announcement of recruitment for participants of Peace Week 2015

13 6月

<Announcement of recruitment for participants of Peace Week 2015>

Officially we announce the recruitment for participants of Peace Week 2015 Chiran Kagoshima. The target students is from High school to University students who have a willingness for peace, (2,to 4 students from country)

2015 – is very important year for peace
*70 anniversary of Ending of WW2,
*40 anniversary of Ending of Vietnam War,
*25th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall, and
*70 anniversary of Auschwtiz liberation Camp,

In this year when is the golden opportunity to spread the message of peace

We will hold Peace Educational Program called Peace Week at Chiran Kagoshima Japan with variety of activities such as Lecture, Presentation, Discussion, Visiting museum, and Culture-Exchange in order to deepen the awareness of Peace, and respect & understanding Multi-Culture and diversity.
Detail of the Project

<Date> :From 14th to 21st of Sep
<Fee>: Free Charge for everything during the project, – (*Transportation fee to the location site is not included)
<Target>: High School to University Students.

**Purpose and more detail please check the JGP file!

Closing of Subscription is end of July, If you would like to Participate please send the message to the Email address which is
yuji_earthman(at the rate of = @)

We all looking forward to meeting everybody from all over the world.

Yours Sincerely
Peace-Week-agenda0001 Peace-Week-agenda0002 Peace-Week-agenda0003

Video Clips of kickoff the new project “School of Peace & Friend for Peace” at Gimnazjum nr 3 im. Noblistów Polskich w Gliwicach

9 6月

peace ceremony
On 2nd of June as a first step of my school of peace project, Gimnazjum nr 3 im. Noblistów Polskich w Gliwicach
celebrated Peace with students.

Here is breathtakingly amazing video clips of their great great effort for peace.
Thank u so much for fantastic actions, and we will keep doing our great actions for peace
with our hope for the future “Young generation”!

Here is more detail of the actions from school side
2 czerwca 2015 roku odbył się w naszej szkole Dzień Pokoju zorganizowany przez uczniów klas 1d i 3d pod opieką wychowawców pani Soni Więcek – Ozgi i pani Anny Gruszczyk – Kubińskiej oraz nauczyciela pana Aleksandra Lubiny. Inspiracją do organizacji tego dnia była wizyta w naszej szkole Yujiego Earthmana.

Spotkanie z człowiekiem, który realizuje swoje marzenia, ale i walczy o pokój, wędrując od Chin do Londynu (pokonał pieszo ponad 12 500 km) było niewątpliwie czasem refleksji nad tym, co w życiu ważne. My również postanowiliśmy przestać być bierni i obojętni – stąd pomysł organizacji tego dnia. Bawiliśmy się tego dnia świetnie. Pod opieką kolegów uczestniczyliśmy w różnych warsztatach: śpiewaliśmy piosenki o pokoju / Boba Dylana czy Johna Lennona /, wykonywaliśmy transparenty na marsz pokoju. Były również krótkie warsztaty z origami – nawet najmniej cierpliwi dali radę i w ich rękach pojawił się żuraw pokoju. Bardzo interesującym elementem tego dnia były spotkania z ciekawymi ludźmi. Zaszczycili nas swoją obecnością wspaniali goście, którzy podzielili się z nami wiedzą i zainteresowaniami. Pani Urszula Biel, kierownik kina Amok w Gliwicach, opowiadała o filmach. Pan Mieczysław Chorąży, były powstaniec warszawski i żołnierz AK, o swoich przeżyciach wojennych, pan Henryk Akselrad, prezes Bytomskiego Stowarzyszenia Kultury Żydowskiej, wprowadził nas w świat gmin żydowskich, a pan Bogusław Małusecki, kierownik oddziału Archiwum Państwowego w Gliwicach, przybliżył nam tajniki historii Gliwic. Pani Danuta Skalska – dziennikarka Polskiego Radia Katowice – zaszczepiła w nas miłość do Lwowa i Kresowian. Zakończyliśmy ten udany dzień na boisku szkolnym wspólnym Happeningiem, w trakcie którego odczytany został manifest pokojowy. Szczególnie zbliżył naszą społeczność gimnazjalną wspólnie odtańczony przez wszystkich uczniów naszego gimnazjum taniec belgijski. Do zobaczenia za rok!

June 2, 2015 was held in our school Peace Day organized by students in grades 1d and 3d under the care of Mrs. Sonia educators Więcek – Ozgi and Mrs. Anna Gruszczyk – Kubiński and teacher Mr. Alexander Lubiny. The inspiration for the organization of the day was a visit to our school Yujiego Earthmana.

A meeting with a man who realizes his dream, but fighting for peace, wandering from China to London (defeated walking more than 12 500 km) was undoubtedly a time of reflection on what is important in life. We also decided to stop being passive and indifferent – hence the idea of ​​organizing this day. We played well that day. Under the supervision of colleagues participated in different workshops: singing songs about peace / Bob Dylan or John Lennon /, we made banners for the march of peace. There were also short workshops on origami – even the most patient and they managed their hands appeared in the crane room. A very interesting feature of this day were meetings with interesting people. They honored us with his presence wonderful guests who shared with us the knowledge and interests. Urszula Biel, manager of the cinema Amok in Gliwice, talked about films. Mr. Mieczyslaw Ensign, a former insurgent Warsaw and AK soldier, about their experiences of war, Mr. Henry Akselrad, the president of the Association of Jewish Culture Bytom, introduced us to the world of Jewish communities, and Mr. Boguslaw Małusecki, branch manager of the National Archives in Gliwice, introduced us the secrets of the history of Gliwice . Danuta Skalska – journalist of Polish Radio Katowice – instilled in us a love for Lviv and Kresowian. We completed the successful day in the school playground common happenings, during which peace manifesto was read. In particular, our community came together odtańczony secondary school by all students of our high school dance Belgian. See you next year!