Recent Action Project Information

23 10月


Since 2012 after I finished my walking action called “Celebration Earth”
I have post contributed the new information at facebook as below
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Common Destiny -name of peace-

29 10月

On 27th of Oct, I visited “Te-Sheng” Church of “The Presbyterian Church” in Taiwan for giving a lecture to young generation.

The Project called “Pray for Syria” It is the project focus on young generation to do some action for Syria for Peace. In order to the young generation start the action for Syria & for Peace, I go and meet the young generation to inspire them though my experience & lectures.

It just started from 23rd of Oct,, but many things started in the world!!

In Sofia Bulgaria, One of my best friends who studies at “First English Language School” started to plan the next year 2013 project for gathering the donation to Syria.

More over the other kindest friends from Turkey, also they sent me a message that they would like to join doing some activities for helping Syria people!! It’s just only the part.

In Taiwan through the lecture meeting to young generation such as high school to university they exactly got some message of Peace, and they try to do some action through the donation! These are great example and hope! There are no big or small action for Peace for Syria. There are no different between big amount or small amount of the donation! The important thing is the heart! With the heart with inner peace, the action is all greatest and biggest action for Peace!!!

We have a great destiny in our life!! And if the people unite our destiny! We could exactly make a peace in this world!!!
How many people know their destiny? How many people continue to try living with own destiny?

In the life there are full of difficulties, sadness, sorrow, or misery… Through the experience some of the people give up their destiny, some of the people realize the destiny and start live focus on the destiny.

Why there are so many kinds of difficulties happened to our life?
In order to the people realize the destiny or to know the other people’s heart or thinking?

But I believe that these difficulties make you strong and sensitive, and feed a mind! The difficulties make you more “Humanitarian.

We all have a great destiny! The name of “Merit” Like a Jewel, each experience makes your heart beautifully! And strongly!

Be true to your heart!! Don’t try to be strong. Just live as you are. Show your emotion!
Always true friend gives you a power and lead to your destiny!

Let’s use our destiny and making wonderful sound like music!!! We are all a common destiny name of Peace!!!

I really learn again these things though my activites from young generation.

I really do appreciate the young people great heart and great action for Syria!! On behalf of Syria ordinary people I would like to say thank you,

Starting New Project “Pray for Syria”

26 10月

From 19th of Oct I came to Taiwan for giving a lecture to the Taiwan local people especially “Young Generation.

There are several reasons to come back to the country.

*1. The biggest reason is for gathering the donation to Syria I came to Taiwan holing the lecture meeting. Why I started the lecture meeting from Taiwan?? Because Taiwan even there is 13 different minority people exist in island but they make a Peace in “Taiwan”! And all my way toward London for spreading the message Taiwan people supported a lot. There are full of spirit of Peace, therefore I thought from Taiwan, send the message of Encouragement or message of Peace, or sending the donation it’s quite suitable to do the actions from Taiwan.

*2 The another reason is for expressing my appreciation to Taiwanese I came back here. As I told in above all my way toward London, several time cooperating with Taiwanese I could do the activities for spread the message of Peace.
For Ex ) In Vietnam, Taiwanese had been gathering the money for donation to the “ECO BAGS” for Eco Club in Ho Chi Minh, and through the ECO BAG we could raise the donation for Orphanages. More over every month using a column in a magazine I could spread the message local Taiwanese. It was just one of the parts of supporting.
Since 2009 not only Material but also mentally they supported all my actions toward Peace. For my appreciation, I came back here for giving much more hope to young generation of Taiwan!

This time I focus on the young generation to giving a lecture..
Therefore I might not be able to gather the so many donations to Syria. But! Through the lecture meeting, both side of people Syria, and Taiwan the people could feel the Hope, ”The HOPE” named of Humanity!! And I believe that both side we could encourage and inspire the people especially for young generation!

From 23rd of Oct, I started to give a lecture to young generation. I already felt students and children’s pure heart that they were really worry about “Syria” wishing the Syria people all the best!!!

Until December I go around Taiwan for express my appreciation and for gathering the donation to Syria through my more than 10times lecture meeting to local community and schools.
Lastly I want to express my appreciation to the Rebecca Chen who arranging the Lecture Trip and more over I would express my greeting to MY DEAREST SYRIA FRIEND! I always be with you guys in SYRIA!!

I have been chosen the Awards of “100 Top Green Online Influencers for 2012″

20 10月

Dear ALL

It was big surprise! Just I got the message from my Best Eco Friend Shane Shirley Smith that I got an award “The 100 Green Online Influencers” for 2012!!

Great surprise and It is for everybody who always be with me and support my walking action toward Peace toward Earth!
I want to say congratelation for everybody!! We did it!! Green Websites

Let It Be…

16 10月

Let It Be….

July/2010 after I finished my walking through Vietnam toward London Olympic for taking a rest I visited my teacher’s home in Patagonia Chile. And before I went to the next step walking for Peace & Protection Environment from Vi
etnam to Thailand, at the moment my teacher wrote me some letter.
“The Encouragement message”
With wishes to complete long walk from Korea to London England for Peace.
The message was “Let It Be….”

And one more thing that what I couldn’t forget from my teacher Paul Coleman was when we were together in Okinawa Japan in a late night he sang a song “Let it be” and said to me.
“Always try to shake hand with people who work in a bottom of society, give a hand to them & say thank to them”

These are just a one of part of words from Paul Coleman, my whole life Soul Teacher.
I don’t know how many times his words gave me a power to keep walking toward Peace for people for this earth.

However somehow before I walked arrived in London, through my rude attitude I made him misunderstanding, afterwards our relationship stop from the moment…
But I never forget his words, always appreciate him, his words, his action…

After walking arrived in London, I keep trying to do action for Peace and be trying to organize the much more action for Peace. One thing called “Peace Week Project”
Using my connections with school where I visited and gave a lectures, I try to gether the young generation from different country for Peace week. Through the Peace week children from the different country think together the Peace, discuss the Peace, decide the 1 year project for Peace… It’s for raising the awareness of Peace & Protection the environment from young ages.

I am trying to manage this wonderful new project for Peace. & much more thing for Peace I try to do my best with full of appreciation to Paul Coleman.
“LET IT BE”……..

Always All My Power for Peace

16 10月

These are the picture when I was making the “Peace Monument” for Peace day Ceremony in Edirne 21st of Sep 2012 at
02:00am in a midnight.

I always try my best for Peace. I always try to use all my power for Peace whenever, wherever, whoever
, I try my best with full of my smile. Even hard moment, Even the people don’t understand my message, my effort, and my passion for Peace I try to keep spreading the message of Peace in a positive way!
I believe that somehow the people, children could feel and understand my way of Peace.

On 21st of September, International day of Peace ceremony time, for the day I had used all my power, times for holding wonderful Peace day. It was hard, full of intricate problems, inconvenient situations so on…However at the end, the sculpture, children, Teacher, and local people it’s not much number, but they quite understand my message of Peace! I don’t expect all the people understand my message, if there are few people even one people understand, it’s really enough for me. For just for the few people I could use all of my stuff for Peace.

I want to tell some story when I was walking through Bolu, Turkey last year 2011. During my walking accidently I had have a serious injury in my foot joint. Full of pain, my joint became 2-3 times bigger than normal and internal bleeding… It was impossible to walk… However the moment I was on my way toward London, many people children, students said to me “Walk for Peace We are with you!” These people saying keep moving my steps toward Peace!

That is why I kept walking toward London toward Peace even its hard!! even inpossible to walk…

It’s really hard to keep doing my action for Peace but!! If there is the people even if only one people say Walk! Walk! Keep doing for Peace!Also even nobody say,,,
I will keep doing my effort for Peace! I keep using all of my power for Peace…..

Last Action in Edirne & Turkey

30 9月

After 21st of September, International day of Peace, using 1 week I gave small lectures at Several English class in Edirne Anatolian High School of Fine Arts and Sports. This school students are very good at music and art! and also have great heart with Peace! For the next hope for turkey, for world, I planted peace seed in the students hearts!! I dont know how long does it takes to grow the spirits of Peace! But I believe that in the future when they grow up they using their music, using art they will spread wonderful message of Peace!!!!! On 1st of Oct, I will go back to Italy and using 2 weeks I will have a meeting with people at Italy, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaira for discussing the future cooperation for Peace!!!

“International Day of Peace” -An Unveiling Ceremony of Peace Monument- Edirne 21.09.2012

30 9月

All I want to say to everybody is the words “words” of “Thank you”

25 9月

All I want to say to everybody is the words “words” of “Thank you”

21st of September, International day of Peace I could hold really wonderful Peace day action for this world, and for our children.
It was my closing my long team action called “Celebration Earth Walk” from China to London. The distance of walking is 12500km, number of trees which I planted 3050 trees, visited over 500 schools for inspiriting children for Peace, and helped 200 orphanage to helping the poor children.

All my way toward to London, and at the end, “International day of Peace” I could hold the great peace day celebration. It is because the people helped all the time!!!!!!
I am not big person, I am not special person, I am not strong person. I am same as the others “Ordinary People”
As the ordinary people, in my life there are full of things happened, not only bright side of life. I have “Sorrow” I have “Pain”

But always I try to show my “Smile” to everybody. Always I try to show my “Happiness”
I always try to spread my “Positive” Energy for everybody even in my heart has full of sorrow and full of pain!
It is all for everybody to keep a “HOPE” in the heart and to keep “Wish” in their Heart! I always try to “Smile”!!!

I learned the “Smile” from Children!
When I was walking through Vietnam, I visited Orphanage for helping children as much as I can. When I entered in the facility always children came to me and said to me!
“Are you hungry?”
“Can I help you?”
“What can I do for you?” with full of bright smile!!!
Even their situation was very hard they try to share their happiness their stuff which they have! I learned these great attitudes from poor children!!!
That is also why I always can keep smile for everybody!!

More over the people always give me a hand and let me lean on him her and them helping me to carry on walking for Peace! They show me there are tomorrow!!!
The children, the people show me the bright side of life, try to help me even their hard situation, that is why I could keep doing my actions!!

We all are not perfect. We all have a “Sorrow” we all have a “Pain”
We need to help each other!

We need to encourage each other for Tomorrow! Name of “Hope”
We need to share our humanity, kindness, Gentleness, compassion!!!
These hearts of humanity will make the world a better place, peaceful place, beautiful place!!!

International day of Peace -Learning a true heart from Children-

25 9月

21st of September it’s “International Day of Peace”
For the day of celebration, from 27th of August I came to Turkey and had been organizing the Peace day Ceremony for spreading real peace message to the world and for giving a hope for the people and for Children. It was also for express my appreciation to the people who helped me all my way walking toward London Olympic I tried my best to hold a wonderful Peace day ceremony in Turkey!

Why I chose Turkey! It was because of the location and recently world situation!! Now the biggest problem in this world is Syria’s Conflict, and Turkey is located in the next to Syria. From the country which located in Syria and more over Turkey is in a middle of Asian side, African side, and European side! Culturally Geographically from Turkey to spread the message of Peace was really suitable place I thought!
This was the biggest reason for choosing Turkey! And Edirne is the border city of Europe and Asia side! In a history more than 17times the place was changed the kingdoms and countries. That mean always there had been fighting in this area! Historically when we think about the peace it was also quite wonderful place to hold the peace day event in Edirne!!!
These are the great opportunity to spread real peace message for the world!!

However it was really hard to organize the peace day event!! 99% of preparing the peace day event I do organized almost everything on myself, such as getting permission from Education Department, writing official letter to governor, visiting schools to decide the detail of the events, ordering foods, t-shirt, and peace monument, and making peace monument!!!
In addition all the finance I used all my money for the event!!! It is because all of the things that is personally I would like to show my appreciation for the people who helped to my walking from china to London 2007-2012.

The people who helped me were a biggest motivation to keep organizing the peace day event!!!! And the Children who tried their best to preparing the peace day event activities gave me a power to make wonderful activities on 21st of September!

The all preparing was finished at 2;00 am on 21st of September! Non stopping preparation from end of August to 21st of September!! From morning to midnight! I work and work and work and tried my best!!!The day!!!

The International day of Peace!In the morning at high school and afternoon I could hold Peace monument opening ceremony cooperating with students, children, schools teachers, Municipality Of Edirne, and Education department of Edirne.It was really really wonderful moment! At the morning speech, I was almost crying because of hard preparing and hard walking action toward Peace, and the students and children warmest kindness from bottom of their heart!!!!

For Children, for our next generation We must unite!!!!!!! We really need to think about Peace!

Through my Peace day preparing and the action on International day of Peace I really want to say strongly “We have a power”!!!

If we have a mind of Peace, If we have a mind of Protection the environment, we can do a wonderful action in our heart!!!No matter the occupation, no matter the country, no matter the generation, if we have a mind and passion for Peace for Environment!! Exactly the people will feel your emotion and feel the passion and start moving the situation positive way!!Most important thing is in your heart!!!!! Not the others! Not the government, not the country! Not the age!
Let’s forget about the shape of the human being like Children!!

Today I learned again many things from Children from Students!!
They have a mind of humanity! They have a mind of kindness, gentleness, and they don’t have any border between any shapes of human being which adult people made in their brain.

We need to learn more things from our children. We need to think more simply like children!! We need to love and to like the people without any reason!!!without any thinking of interest!!!Let’s start to have a mind of humanity!

Let’s start to think like children!!!
Let’s start to feel like children!!!
Let’s start to learn more things from our children!!!
It will be really true Mental Revolution in our heart!! The name of Peace Revolution from the heart!!!!