For the noble cause of Peace ~What do we need to do?~

2 12月

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These days in order to prepare the next year action for peace, I have had full of meeting with people from Government, NGO, Company, School, students since I came to Japan when was last Oct 2014. I do feel many point of Japanese people way of thinking.

In Japan these days most of the people understand -Japan is “TOO Peaceful country” -
My friend came from abroad for their vacation they also said -“Japan is most peaceful and most safe country in this world where they have visited.
That is true in my opinion through my experiences. As a evidence Next year 2015 it is 70 Anniversary of the end of the Pacific war in Japan, and for the last several decades Japan have kept our peace following our the 9th article of constitution – which is Peace rule – <whatever, whenever we don’t fight with any country>

Although Japanese people who I met and talked about the issue of Peace most of them added their opinions “Japanese people are too use to live in this peaceful situation in Japan, and have forgotten the real meaning of Peace”
– Yes I do agree this point, BUT I felt more serious situation in Japan which is Japanese people stop to think from this point not to dig deeper into the matter such as…
“How we can keep this peaceful situation in the future”
“What we can do for Peace as an individually at our dairy life”

Let’s follow the track of Japanese history of predecessor! In Japanese history of predecessor there were the people who had innocent heart & full of passion for Japan future and deep desire with determination of the moral virtues of loyalty. The most of them were 20 to 30 year’s old and they had lost their life due to this innocent heart following the trend of the time and milestone of time who was
* Shinsengumi -a samurai group who guarded Kyoto towards the end of the Edo period.
* The Kamikaze Tokubetsu Kōgekitai (特別攻撃隊 “Special Attack Unit” ) abbreviated as Tokkō Tai (特攻隊?), and used as a verb as Tokkō (特攻 “special attack”?) were suicide attacks by military aviators from the Empire of Japan against Allied naval vessels in the closing stages of the Pacific campaign of World War II, designed to destroy warships more effectively than was possible with conventional attacks.

Shinsengumi and Tokko Tai’s periods were the time of unable to study as much as they  wish due to the class system or financial problems, however these young generations who was same age as current time students deeply had thought and deeply understood the way of life and way of country following morality & focusing on the people who live in the future at own country – therefore even they knew it is not the right way to do however staking on their life and using their life they show us what is humanity and what is the name of family!
Every country there were the people who tried their best for their family for their country and for the people who will be born in the future forgetting own happiness.

Some people said they did bad things from view of differences or view of their country history, but what I felt and what is my opinion is these people were not guilty.
The problem was the time of trend, “War” made the world and country and people to drive mad.

What is my point is comparing these predecessor whom used their life for their country what if they did bad thing or good things, current time people especially “Students” we don’t have any problems, have better environment which is as much as we can be able to study improving the knowledge or gaining the information, we have forgotten the real way of life because it is too peaceful not necessary to think how and why we can live peacefully.

**Fact -When I visited Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus in order to hold lecture meeting, I asked students what is your dream. Most of the student’s answer was related with money, position, or honor stuff. Few of them said their dream which is focusing on contribution to society.

Adult people are same too! “Peace action”, “Environment Protection Action”, why people focus on the abroad where has problems of poverty or problems of public security and said we cannot do any action for peace or for protection the environment!
What we need is we need to focus on ourselves, each of our country, each of our country and next generation to make better country not following the materialism or competitive society but focusing on our humanity and morality and start to do what we can do at our daily life which is for family, for children, for neighbor, or for their community.

We should focus on the predecessor who made our world with full of deep mind and with innocent heart & humanity for their family and for their country, and for the world! Because we all have a responsibility for this world especially for our next generation making a peaceful world and better world!

This month Dec I will visit the place where is related with these predecessor whom was Tokko (which I mention in above!) and tried to learn their passion for their country, way of thinking regarding War, and humanity of their family and country.

What is the real education??

18 11月

What is the real way of education?

Every country have own history,
Every country have own knowledge,
Every country have own Tradition,
Every country have own culture.
And reminding the mentarily of the country
Ancient people hand the knowledge & Tradition to next generation.

There were Ecosystem,
There were circulations of humanity.
There are the way of coexist!

But using the name of civilization, using the name of globalization,
Now many country lost their own history, knowledge, tradition, culture.

I do see the world real situation in my eyes!
We all goes wrong direction.

We don’t need to follow the trend of the world
which is money, honor, prize or position.

We do need to focus on our diversity.
We do need to focus on our mentality of humanity.
We do need to focus on our morality.

Respect each other,
Respect the differences of human frame
race, religion, gender, generation…

Rich or Poor, Weak or Strong,
Well educated, or not

It is the time to think what is the real way of our co-exist!
It is the time to focus on our educational system!!!

Let’s educate our young generation in a right way!
The education would change the country and would change the world!

What is your mission of your life?

14 11月

What is your mission of your life?
Nowadays people rely on the sense of sight.
It is really dangerous to judge the world by only the vision.

We have five senses
“Hearing” “Touch” “Smell” “Sight” and “taste”
But most important thing is the sense of Heart!

Heart – sense of feeling the true direction of your heart with
Sense of humanity which is Goodness and Consciousness.
With this sense of Heart, we can use five senses and
find the way of real life.

There is the words of Native Indian
“When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you’re the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying.”

Let’s find the way of own mission of life!
Don’t let the people to make you down!

I myself now I do my peace action from bottom of my heart
which is wishing world peace and praying the people lives with full of smiling & happiness.
Using all of myself which I have I do keep my action for this world!

The Autochthon word is the word of human being knowledge.
There is always some new learning from their words for our lives!
And it is very useful to check ourselves and revise the vision of life!

But unfortunately people ignore the tradition & ancient knowledge and
focus on selfishness and convenience!
It is very sad thing therefore through my peace action I try to awake people humanity and mentality of morality using the words of Autochthon.

In Japan we have these proverb
“温故知新”- An attempt to discover new things [truths] by studying the past through scrutiny of the old~

Today is a very good day to die

1 11月



Today is a very good day to die.
Every living thing is in harmony with me.
Every voice sings a chorus within me.
All beauty has come to rest in my eyes.
All bad thoughts have departed from me.
Today is a very good day to die.
My land is peaceful around me.
My fields have been turned for the last time.
My house is filled with laughter.
My children have come home.
Yes today is a very good day to die.


If our life finished today, how many people can accept the death?
I think nowadays most of the people couldn’t accept the death immediately.
Why? Because regrets? Because of the things left which you have to do?
Every single feeling & reason of an unacceptable death comes from our tenacious of purpose in this life. However our money, our position, our prize, our stuff which now we have not be able to bring to the next world of soul.

Our life is limited, and most of the people forget about this limitation
– *limitation of our life and -*limitation of the other life which lives in this mother earth. And someday we all have to leave from this world.

Accepting our limitation of our life and limitation of our world, and with our peaceful heart and awareness of the harmony we would be able to find the real way of life – finding the real work in our life not just focus on the money, or position, or prize.

In “Native American Teachings” – there is the sentence
“I prefer my son to be a good-will city cleaner who works very hard every day in order to clean and make a beautiful city atmosphere rather than honorable lawyer whom takes charge of unlawful incident.

What do the sentences tell us is importance of our way of life!
– Way of life focusing on the process and inner heart not the result and some material stuff. If we follow our world trend called competition society & elite society, we would be dominated by these values and get stress and pressure and easy to lost the real way of our life. The sentence of Native Americans Teaching is the message for people whom live in a present society.

I myself I am ready to leave this world because I have tried my best for peace through my action. I have no regrets! I have nothing I expect in my life! But I might focus on result more than my process of my action which is to growing the next Peace Messenger through my Peace Week Educational Project. More than focusing on the result, more than focusing on the others I will focus on myself what I can do for this world again – which is my walking action inspiring people, encouragement people.

Every single moment of my life, with death name of giving us the real meaning of life, I will try my best for world peace!

28 10月

What is real wealth?
Why you could get high education?
Why you could get your high position in this society?
Why you could get some prize?
Why you could get be rich?

Most of the people feel because of oneself.
Nowadays many people are so selfish and forget about the real meaning.

*Why you could get high education
-Because for leading the people and for educating people and for help the people
who couldn’t study because of many reason and for growing the next generation to make a better world!

*Why you could get high position in this society?
-Because for finding the problems of the society and for solving the problems of the society in order to make a better world!

*Why you could get some prize?
-Because for inspiring the people and for encouragement the people
especially young generation to keep their pure dream and hope in this world.

*Why you could get be rich?
-Because for helping people who have a problems due to poverty.

And please think about the process – all the way toward your situation
So many people help you and now you could live in this atmosphere!

As this video not for saving yourself, but for helping the others!
Please use your cleverness which is comes from high education!
Please use your high position!
Please use your awards or prize!
Please use your money!
For who need helps, who need encouragement, who need inspiration,
who need light in their life!

There is the full of reason why you could get these stuff!
When you share your stuff in your heart! The world would be much simple and much easy to reach the goal of Peace! which all we need!

I do want to say “Real Wealthy people” is
the person can be able to share
“Themselves”, “time”, “Money”, “Knowledge”, “Heart” and “Life”

I do believe “Real Wealthy people” is
person whom can share everything “Materially” and “Mentally” & 
I do believe “Real Wealthy people” is people whom
can feel the happiness from their heart through their sharing.

We don’t need to compete each other, we don’t need to discriminate judging the people like “who is cleverer”, “who have a lots of money”, “who is the higher position in society”…..

Now what we need is From our heart to start to share everything making the people who is connected with you happily.

If we follow our greed, we couldn’t protect our nature, we couldn’t solve our problems – continuously we would fight each other in different way,
“Countries relationship- “War”, “Economy -purchase “….

“Development” needs to be not following with material way!
OUR “Development” needs to follow our inner heart -“Improvement”
growing our “Humanity” need to be much simple!

Because our life, our earth is limited -“finite” not infinity…
Our Life-Development through many ways need to gives us
Inner-happiness! Through relationship with others, through love and
from our humanity !

That is the way of Peace!!!!
Peace comes in our heart!
Peace comes from our words and deeds!
Peace comes from our humanity!
Let’s try to share from ourselves!

Humanity with full of respect the differences of human being makes the unity of Peace

24 10月


I have a great great great news from my friend named Ivo Simonella who is the member of municipality assembly & director of environment protection at Portogruaro Veneto Province Italy.

During my walking action for Peace from China to London 2007 to 2012, as a one of the country of my walking I walked passed the country of Italy and at Portogruaro with him, we held lecture meetings at 3 elementary schools and one secondary school, and planted tree for Peace and for protection the environment at public park.
( Information : )

Time goes by 2 years and half has passed, I have started new action for peace focusing on young generation in order to awake young generation’s humanity & right to peace and empower the people to start their own action for peace individually at their dairy life. And honestly I have been wondering how many people from the young generation to the people who worked with me such as government, NGO, company, educational institution, media and students…. Could I inspire through my actions??? because It is hard to see the result and progress for peace through my actions.

Today It has been 2 years, I saw the news from him! He walked for PEACE!
When I saw his walking action for Peace,

I couldn’t stop to say “Wow” Maybe I said thousands time. It makes me so happy, because from young generation or in my age young people express and tell me their passion & new action for peace quite often, but from people who is elder than me and who works at government, or who has a high position people I have not receive some news.
Therefore it amazed me a lot because of his great great great action for peace!
Once again Mr. Ivo Simonella Thank u so much for sharing such a wonderful action for peace! telling the world that we can do the action for peace individually at our dairy life!
In my action for peace, from nothing from no any connections with people in this world I did walked over 12,500 km held lectures at 700 schools, helped 200 orphanages, and I have held the big project called Peace Week for Peace cooperating with embassy, ministry, municipality, government, NGO, School, company…. From Ambassador,Minister, Governor, Mayor, CEO, Director, Principal,Famous star, ordinary people, students, and kids, I met so many kind of people and I inspired them personally and we unite together and did the action for peace together
The point is our humanity, and with full of respect and full of appreciation to try to understand the differences of people’s background such as country, race, generation, and gender. When we show our respect with full of kindness, the people become individual forgetting their position or their career or their selfishness, we can connect with people and start the friendship. Through the way from one by one we can connect with people and make big circle of friendship & circle of peace and can start the action for peace together.
I myself personally when I arrived in the country I try to be a local people trying to learn the language, culture, religion, and try to eat same food and try to sleep at same environment of the local people and express my honest that as my respect and as my appreciation want to do some action for peace for their environment and for local people. And I could make friendship with people and could do the action together!
And this friendship and this action even times goes by like 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40,50 years the feeling would keep in their heart! and grow the peace seed at their heart and make them to start some action for peace!!!!!!!!!
This is the way of peace with humanity!
This is the way of real human relationship!
This is the way of our life of co-exist!
We can live together,
We can do the action together
We can make peace in this world together.
Once again every thank you very much for being my friend! and thank you very much for every time concern, and start the action for peace at their place!

Recent Action Project Information

23 10月


Since 2012 after I finished my walking action called “Celebration Earth”
I have post contributed the new information at facebook as below
** –

Thank you very much for visiting my Web-site and nearly future I start to post the article and news
on this web site!

Common Destiny -name of peace-

29 10月

On 27th of Oct, I visited “Te-Sheng” Church of “The Presbyterian Church” in Taiwan for giving a lecture to young generation.

The Project called “Pray for Syria” It is the project focus on young generation to do some action for Syria for Peace. In order to the young generation start the action for Syria & for Peace, I go and meet the young generation to inspire them though my experience & lectures.

It just started from 23rd of Oct,, but many things started in the world!!

In Sofia Bulgaria, One of my best friends who studies at “First English Language School” started to plan the next year 2013 project for gathering the donation to Syria.

More over the other kindest friends from Turkey, also they sent me a message that they would like to join doing some activities for helping Syria people!! It’s just only the part.

In Taiwan through the lecture meeting to young generation such as high school to university they exactly got some message of Peace, and they try to do some action through the donation! These are great example and hope! There are no big or small action for Peace for Syria. There are no different between big amount or small amount of the donation! The important thing is the heart! With the heart with inner peace, the action is all greatest and biggest action for Peace!!!

We have a great destiny in our life!! And if the people unite our destiny! We could exactly make a peace in this world!!!
How many people know their destiny? How many people continue to try living with own destiny?

In the life there are full of difficulties, sadness, sorrow, or misery… Through the experience some of the people give up their destiny, some of the people realize the destiny and start live focus on the destiny.

Why there are so many kinds of difficulties happened to our life?
In order to the people realize the destiny or to know the other people’s heart or thinking?

But I believe that these difficulties make you strong and sensitive, and feed a mind! The difficulties make you more “Humanitarian.

We all have a great destiny! The name of “Merit” Like a Jewel, each experience makes your heart beautifully! And strongly!

Be true to your heart!! Don’t try to be strong. Just live as you are. Show your emotion!
Always true friend gives you a power and lead to your destiny!

Let’s use our destiny and making wonderful sound like music!!! We are all a common destiny name of Peace!!!

I really learn again these things though my activites from young generation.

I really do appreciate the young people great heart and great action for Syria!! On behalf of Syria ordinary people I would like to say thank you,

Starting New Project “Pray for Syria”

26 10月

From 19th of Oct I came to Taiwan for giving a lecture to the Taiwan local people especially “Young Generation.

There are several reasons to come back to the country.

*1. The biggest reason is for gathering the donation to Syria I came to Taiwan holing the lecture meeting. Why I started the lecture meeting from Taiwan?? Because Taiwan even there is 13 different minority people exist in island but they make a Peace in “Taiwan”! And all my way toward London for spreading the message Taiwan people supported a lot. There are full of spirit of Peace, therefore I thought from Taiwan, send the message of Encouragement or message of Peace, or sending the donation it’s quite suitable to do the actions from Taiwan.

*2 The another reason is for expressing my appreciation to Taiwanese I came back here. As I told in above all my way toward London, several time cooperating with Taiwanese I could do the activities for spread the message of Peace.
For Ex ) In Vietnam, Taiwanese had been gathering the money for donation to the “ECO BAGS” for Eco Club in Ho Chi Minh, and through the ECO BAG we could raise the donation for Orphanages. More over every month using a column in a magazine I could spread the message local Taiwanese. It was just one of the parts of supporting.
Since 2009 not only Material but also mentally they supported all my actions toward Peace. For my appreciation, I came back here for giving much more hope to young generation of Taiwan!

This time I focus on the young generation to giving a lecture..
Therefore I might not be able to gather the so many donations to Syria. But! Through the lecture meeting, both side of people Syria, and Taiwan the people could feel the Hope, ”The HOPE” named of Humanity!! And I believe that both side we could encourage and inspire the people especially for young generation!

From 23rd of Oct, I started to give a lecture to young generation. I already felt students and children’s pure heart that they were really worry about “Syria” wishing the Syria people all the best!!!

Until December I go around Taiwan for express my appreciation and for gathering the donation to Syria through my more than 10times lecture meeting to local community and schools.
Lastly I want to express my appreciation to the Rebecca Chen who arranging the Lecture Trip and more over I would express my greeting to MY DEAREST SYRIA FRIEND! I always be with you guys in SYRIA!!

I have been chosen the Awards of “100 Top Green Online Influencers for 2012″

20 10月

Dear ALL

It was big surprise! Just I got the message from my Best Eco Friend Shane Shirley Smith that I got an award “The 100 Green Online Influencers” for 2012!!

Great surprise and It is for everybody who always be with me and support my walking action toward Peace toward Earth!
I want to say congratelation for everybody!! We did it!! Green Websites