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3 3月

Today 2nd of March 2015 from the morning I tried my best to organize the actions in Gliwice Poland where I just arrived by my walking from Oswiecim using 3 days walk (21st of Feb Oswiecim to Tychy, / 23rd of Feb Tychy to Mikolow, / and 1st of March Mikolow to Gliwice) As a first approaching I visited city hall to ask for meeting with Mayor. Not the mayor but I could meet the assistant of Mayor, and could give my official document with special letter from Oswiecim -It is the letter from Mayor of Oswiecim as a recommendation letter of my walking from Oswiecim Poland to Berlin Germany, he gave me the letter personally!

It was the Mayor of Oswiecim “Kindness” and by grace of his kindness – today afternoon I could get phone call from City hall and local school, I can visit and hold the lectures at one local school!

Now I feel full of the great support from Oswiecim whom I met – whom have full of passion for peace and whom have a real peace heart in deep inside of their heart. With wonderful people from “Oswiecim” and on behalf of them I keep trying my Peace actions all of my steps toward Berlin Germany!

Using the message of the post I do express my appreciation and sincere thanks Mayor of Oswiecim and everybody who I met, who helped and supported my actions in Oswiecim during my short stay in the town!!!!!

Oswiecim & Everybody always in my heart!!!

And my Peace family & Peace friends whole world who I met through my actions! You are the people – people of “World Peace” citizen as same as Oswiecim people, everybody every time you are in my heart and give me a power and inspire me and empower me. Tomorrow I do visit school at 9;30 and will spread our peace message to Gliwice young students!!!!

Media information ~Regarding my actions in Oswiecim~

2 3月

Gazeta Krakowska 02/03/2015

**TVK HD – Poland TV…/item/5206-idąc-przez-świat-czyni-dobro


Walking from Mikolow to Griwice -1st of March 2015-

2 3月

IMG_1186 IMG_1187 IMG_1188 IMG_1189 IMG_1190 IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1195 IMG_1197 IMG_1198 IMG_1199 IMG_1200 IMG_1201

On 1st of March I walked from Micolow to Gliwice about 22km. On the way I could see old houses and architectures. When I was in Warsaw I saw the atmosphere related with Communism but from Oswiecim where nearby Czech Republic, the atmosphere and people seems to change little bit more European side!

But same feeling of Polish people are quite gentle & little bit shy which has many similar point of Japanese people personality! Day by day I discovered the new Poland, and continuously I try to learn more Poland language, culture, environment & people!

In Japan we have a proverb “郷に入っては郷に従え“(Goni Haitteha Goni Shitagae)which means “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” I really do agree this proverb.

Every country every people have different back ground and way of thinking so if just using only one idea or one concept of view it become just pushing the opinion or push our needs without any consideration of the other side! – It is not peaceful. Therefore even keep my core actions style like lectures, or tree planting, or helping poor kids but I do follow the proverb and try to see, understand and learn the local culture the people’s reactions as much as I can and I do my real peace action at the area and at the country with local people!

Wonderful Traditional Polish Food ~Finding our same origins through differences of our culture~

1 3月

On 28th of Feb, today was the day of Painful Separation at Oswiecim. Yesterday and today many people expressed their greeting & wishes for my health and great action toward Berlin Germany.
During my staying in Oswiecim using 2 days (21th – Oswiecim to Tychy, 23rd of Feb Tychy to Mikołów) I walked little bit ahead.
So Today I moved to the place where I try to do the actions and 2 to 3 days settle down as a basement of my walking where city named Gliwice!
–and 1st of March from Micolow to Gliwice and 2nd of March from Gliwice to Boguszyce, – Strzelce Opolskie, Tarnow Opolski, Opole… I keep walk and try to organize the events following my walking.

Today I just could move from Oswiecim to Gliwice so I would like to share some cultural stuff of Polish which many Oswiecim people treated me with Polish delicious food while I was in Oswiecim.

Some of them I already taste in Eastern Europe, where is Croatia, Bulgaria, and Serbia.
But there are similarity but all country has own feature and wonderful meals!!!

What I want to say through the post is not only food, but also Language, Culture, many things there are full of similarity.
It is not just the country where close by but we can also find it between the country where has long distances!

It tells us “our origin were same”, just some reasons we had separated.
and even we have differences we can enjoy the different country food!
I do! and when I have a meal with people, we can get closed as a family as a friends!!!
so we aree same creature “Human Being…
If you think the point can we think we are family, brother and sister?

Here is the Traditional food which I ate in Oswiecim! I feel hungry!
Dont we try to across the differences of Human races and all together surround the dining table and share the
great meals together? and share our happiness as much as we can?

Żurek (Polish Sour Rye Soup)
Zurek (zhurek), or zur, is quite the traditional Polish soup with a distinctivly sour taste, which comes from so-called sour leavening, originating from fermentation of rye flour and bread crusts. Zurek soup is especially common as a food eaten during the Easter holidays. To serve it like the Polish do, hollow out a round loaf of sourdough (zakwas) bread, similar to San Francisco’s Boudin Bakery serving their soups in the hollowed-out sourdough. This soup is often accompanied with hard-boiled eggs, a roll, and kiełbasy (kielbasa, Polish sausage), usually a white sausage, or biala kielbasa.

Gołąbki (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)


Gołąbki are the epitome of comfort food. Pork and beef mixed with rice or barley are nestled in a cabbage leaf and cooked in the oven or on the stove until tender. Poles call them gołąbki (gaw-WOHMP-kee), which literally means “little pigeons.” For Czechs and Slovaks, it’s holubky, while Serbs and Croatians refer to them as sarma. Usually, the sauce is what sets them apart.

Roladka wołowa (BEEF ROLADES)


Polish beef roulade or zrazy (ZRAH-zih) is a very common main course offering dating to 14th-century nobility. There are myriad varieties with just as many different fillings, including mushrooms, sauerkraut, herbs, breadcrumbs with horseradish, among others. This recipe uses pickles, ham and green onions, and can be prepared on the stovetop or in a slow cooker, but no matter how it is cooked, zrazy always tastes better the next day.

Sernik (Polish Cheese Cake)
Polish cheesecake — sernik — is a dessert you will see no matter what part of Poland you happen to visit. But, as you might expect, there is an infinite number of varieties. Some are crustless, some have pastry crusts and yet others have a cookie or graham cracker crust. Sometimes they’re baked in rectangular pans and sometimes in round pans. If you can’t find dry curd cheese, you might want to make your own farmers cheese from scratch. This recipe is for Polish cheesecake with a cookie crumb crust. The filling is very rich and needs no embellishment but, if you must, fresh fruit and whipped cream never hurt anything! (Information copy past from -

“People’s power is limitless”

28 2月

IMG_1121 IMG_1149 IMG_1160
Today 27th of Feb, We held the last Peace Action in Oswiecim before I kickoff my walking from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany and most of my actions were reported by Official Oswiecim Community HP, The State School of Higher Education in Owsiecim, Foundation “Mala Orkiestra Wielkiej Pomocy”, International Youth Center Oswiecim and Local media.
Gima Oswiecim

*Oswiecim HP…/Idac_przez_swiat_czyni_dobro…

wspolczesnosc Nowoczesnosc

*The State School of Higher Education in Oświęcim,…

*Foundation Mala Orkiestra Wielkiej Pomocy”

*International Youth Center Oswiecim / Międzynarodowy Dom Spotkań Młodzieży w Oświęcimiu (MDSM)

During staying Oswiecim – Around 10 days, With Government, NPO, International Organization, Students all together I could do the great actions which is as bellow

<*Jewish Center Cafe Bergson>- Lecture for International Students
<*Oswiecim Government & Foundation “Mała Orkiestra Wielkiej Pomocy”>
-Helping kids who has a problems with serious intractable disease.
& visiting School in Oswiecim in order to make an agreement for Peace Week Education
<*International Youth Center>
-Lecture & Pre-tree planting with International Volunteers & German students.

It was quite great great honor to cooperation with all of them in a actions for peace!
Actually it was quite miracle time for us, because in a quite short time period
even everybody were quite busy to do many other actions, as soon as we called and gathered the people, immediately people unite and could hold several actions!

It is what I have tried to spread the message to people through my actions!!
which is- We have a power! And our power definitely influence the people and make a big movements!!!

This time actions and all my actions for peace in each places,
It is not because of me, but all the things is because of the local people who tried their best made the miracle themselves!

This time I do felt and saw the people’s power!!!!!

Thank you very much everybody! to accept me to do some actions for peace at Oswiecim! And from this time encounter I do keep continue to do my action at the area!!!

Dziękuję bardzo smile emoticon pokój!!!

“Good People” & “Good Work” ~Everybody can be someone Angel~

27 2月

“Good People” & “Good Work” ~Everybody can be someone Angel~

Today 26th of Feb as the 2nd Peace action at Oswiecim with Governor of Oswiecim County we visited one family for helping the kids. In Oswiecim there are lots of children who has a problems due to Incurable disease. And in Oswiecim there are the one foundation called “Mała Orkiestra Wielkiej Pomocy” has been trying their best to help the innocent kids raising the donation through their events or some activities – all the money which they earn, they donate the money for the kids.
When I heard the real pure humanitarian aid action with full of humanity! I felt I must do something for the kids even I am not polish!


As I mentioned in previous article! We all have a duty and responsibility to help the people or children who needs helps whoever whatever whenever.
I learned the humanity from Kids through my walking actions from China to London.
**At Vietnam when I was dying due to the problems of my body health, Vietnam local people, orphans staking on their life they saved my life, even they were very poor no food, no money, living at the situation of poverty.
**At Syria when the Conflict just started at their country, I was caught by government due to the situation of the country, the time over 200 kids protected my life and save my life forgetting the risk of losing their life!
IMG_3781 IMG_3799

These kids even the situation might makes worst, but they chose the way to help who needs more helps. I learned the innocent heart and the real humanity of our human being. The experiences, and the people who were helped by them, I cannot avoid from the situation of Oswiecim, I cannot avoid from the people who really try their place young generation.

For the situation it is nothing matter who u are, or how old u are, and how your situation of living is, I truly believe naturally our goodwill and humanity appears in our inner peace across the all the frame of human being which always making a problems due to the race, religion, gender, or generation…

As a one person who was born in this planet, I decided to help the kids! I decided to do what I can do for them!

I really do appreciate the people and foundation who and where try to do their best for these kids and I do wish more and more local people and young generation start to do some actions for their place where is the most precious place for them because of the place of birth for them and for their ancestor.

More detail of the Foundation.
*Home Page :
*Facebook Page :

First Event of my Peace Walk from Auschwitz to Berlin at Oswiecim Poland.

26 2月

IMG_1082 IMG_1086 IMG_1087 (3)

By the grace of Director of Jewish Center Mr.Tomek on 25th of Feb as a first event of my Peace Walk
from Auschwitz to Berlin I could hold the meeting with International young students who came to Oswicim as a volunteer!

It was long evening and we had a great moment sharing our information.
They all have a wise view with wonderful heart!

Oswiecim Poland here had sad history but now I can say it became the Oasis for Peace from whole area of Europe for exchanging the culture and experiecens through the volunteering action of Humanitarian aid actions at the City!

It was quite nice steps as the first action of my Peace Walk! from Auschwitz to Berlin!


Real Peace Heart vibrates the other heart! & Effort for the Peace reach to something worse for the place & people.

25 2月


When after I arrived in Oswiecim almost 4,5days I have tried to organize the event as the first event in Oswiecim in order to encouragement people and to inspiring the people and to empowering the people to start the actions for peace. Honestly it was the hardest place to organize some event or action through my actions for Peace.
*Not only the place but many places there are the hardness following as bellow

1.) – firstly before I arrive the place, I sent several official letter to the Organization, or Government but 100% nobody reply my letter which is normal reaction because of the letter wrote in ENGLISH not their mother language, and even I tried to do a good actions – people couldn’t meet or hear these people like me so people doubt and ignore the letter.

2.)-Because of the situation of people’s response which I mention in above, I have to visit directly the office to ask the actions. The people’s reaction is normally trying to avoid from the situation. Or because of my baby face (normally western country people think I am a student.) Just because of two reason generally people doesn’t try to listen carefully about my words.

However I didn’t give up here in Oswiecim and I haven’t gave up even once through my 7 years peace actions because I know there is the people have a real mind of Peace! And I truly believe if I keep Peace in my heart trying my best what I can do with full of patience waiting the people appears in front of me, exactly I could meet those people and could do some actions which is worth for the place & people.

This time Oswiecim It was hard to manage but I could meet several wonderful people who has a peace heart and I might can do some actions for Peace in Oswiecim.

Life – most of the things are unexpectedly happens, and but with good reason which trying best to do a good things for the others with Peace Heart, exactly some people appears in every single situation!



In Our Daily Life, There are full Peace! & Happiness ~Oswiecim to Mikolow~

24 2月


IMG_1075  IMG_1041 IMG_1043

On 21st of Feb I started walking again after 2 years long break.

On 21st of Feb walked from Oswiecim to Tychy,-20km and 23rd of Feb from Tychy to Mikolow, – 10km I walked.
Here is the some atmosphere where I saw during my walking from Oswiecim to Mikolow.

Through this post I would like to share what is purpose for restart walking.  One of the biggest reason was because of the situation of this world! – became more madness and worse situations each area the people started to fight each other due to the differences of human race.
When I finished my walking from China to London, since 2013 I established my Peace Education Program called – Peace Week focus on educating Young generations. But time by time, year by year the people’s screaming, people’s worry, people fears I could hear much more than the past period of my actions. Therefore I really felt “Isn’t it enough to do my Peace Action not only peace week Education Project? but I must restart walking for this world in order to awake people’s humanity & right to peace through my walking actions.” (It is because just hold the peace week education, just 1 week, and just few students I could educate or inspire, but if I start walking through trying to hold the actions each region even I cannot do many actions but all the way of my approaching, Government, NGO group, students, local people, all different kinds of peace I would meet and each moment I could spread the message of Peace!)

And more over the time of the year 2015 support my idea of restart walking! Because this year was the right time to restart walking for peace!
**70 anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation Camp, **25th anniversary of Breaking down the Berlin Wall,
**70 anniversary of ending pacific war, **40 anniversary of ending Vietnam war..
For the world it is the important year for Peace!

Through my walking not only my serious peace message, but through my actions I would like everybody feel again the daily life happiness at the place where you live and where you are belong to.

I restart walking from Auschwitz but I dare to not share the pictures of Auschwitz, but I do share the area of daily life people’s atmosphere and environment which is able to see everywhere in our life!

What I want to say through the pictures is even we have differences of human races but our daily life is exactly same!
Full of Peace moment with family, friends, and neighbors at ordinary common atmosphere.
And I do want every start some small actions for Peace individually and at daily life.

For Peace & For Protection the Environment What we need????

23 2月

Here is the Speech by José Mujica in the Rio +20 summit

For Peace & For Protection the Environment,
We really need to think about our way of life!

For Peace & For Protection the Environment,
We really need to think about the way of thinking!

For Peace & For Protection the Environment,
We really need to think about the system of our society!

For Peace & For Protection the Environment,
We really need to think about the way of Events or Activities which try to spread the message of Peace & Protection the Environment!

For Peace & For Protection the Environment,
We need to stop competive or discriminate with people or with nations or
with different religious group!

For Peace & For Protection the Environment
We need to stop against or attack or hates the others!

For Peace & For Protection the Environment
We need to unite! We need to change from ourselves!

Please listen carefully the speech by José Mujica in the Rio +20 summit!!!

To all of the authorities present here, from every latitude and organization, thank you very much. I want to thank the people of Brazil and Mrs. President, Dilma Rousseff. Thank you all for the good faith undoubtedly expressed by all of the speakers that preceded me.

We hereby express our innermost will as rulers, to adhere to all the agreements our wretched humanity, may chance to subscribe.

Notwithstanding, let us take this opportunity to ask some questions out loud. All afternoon long, we have been talking about sustainable development, about rescuing the masses from the claws of poverty.

What is it that flutters within our minds? Is it the model of development and consumption, which is shaped after that of affluent societies? I ask this question: what would happen to this planet if the people of India had the same number of cars per family as the Germans? How much oxygen would there be left for us to breathe? More clearly: Does the world today have the material elements to enable 7 or 8 billion people to enjoy the same level of consumption and squandering as the most affluent Western societies? WIll that ever be possible? Or will we have to start a different type of discussion one day? Because we have created this civilization in which we live: the progeny of the market, of the competition, which has begotten prodigious and explosive material progress. But the market economy has created market societies. And it has given us this globalization, which means being aware of the whole planet.

Are we ruling over globalization or is globalization ruling over us? Is it possible to speak of solidarity and of “being all together” in an economy based on ruthless competition? How far does our fraternity go?

I am not saying any of to undermine the importance of this event. On the contrary, the challenge ahead of us is of a colossal magnitude and the great crisis is not an ecological crisis, but rather a political one.

Today, man does not govern the forces he has unleashed, but rather, it is these forces that govern man; and life. Because we do not come into this planet simply to develop, just like that, indiscriminately. We come into this planet to be happy. Because life is short and it slips away from us. And no material belonging is worth as much as life, and this is fundamental.But if life is going to slip through my fingers, working and over-working in order to be able to consume more, and the consumer society is the engine-because ultimately, if consumption is paralyzed, the economy stops, and if you stop economy, the ghost of stagnation appears for each one of us, but it is this hyper-consumption that is harming the planet. And this hyper-consumption needs to be generated, making things that have a short useful life, in order to sell a lot. Thus, a light bulb cannot last longer than 1000 hours. But there are light bulbs that last 100,000 hours! But these cannot be manufactured, because the problem is the market, because we have to work and we have to sustain a civilization of “use and discard”, and so, we are trapped in a vicious cycle. These are problems of a political nature, which are showing us that it’s time to start fighting for a different culture.

I’m not talking about returning to the days of the caveman, or erecting a “monument to backwardness.” But we cannot continue like this, indefinitely, being ruled by the market, on the contrary, we have to rule over the market.

This is why I say, in my humble way of thinking, that the problem we are facing is political. The old thinkers. Epicurus, Seneca and even the Aymara put it this way, a poor person is not someone who has little but one who needs infinitely more, and more and more.” This is a cultural issue.

So I salute the efforts and agreements being made. And I will adhere to them, as a ruler. I know some things I’m saying are not easy to digest. But we must realize that the water crisis and the aggression to the environment is not the cause. The cause is the model of civilization that we have created. And the thing we have to re-examine is our way of life.

I belong to a small country well endowed with natural resources for life. In my country, there are a bit more than 3 million people. But there are about 13 million cows, some of the best in the world. And about 8 or 10 million excellent sheep. My country is an exporter of food, dairy, meat. It is a low-relief plain and almost 90% of the land is fertile.

My fellow workers, fought hard for the 8 hour workday. And now they are making that 6 hours. But the person who works 6 hours, gets two jobs, therefore, he works longer than before. But why? Because he needs to make monthly payments for: the motorcycle, the car, more and more payments, and when he’s done with that, he realizes he is a rheumatic old man, like me, and his life is already over.

And one asks this question: is this the fate of human life? These things I say are very basic: development cannot go against happiness. It has to work in favor of human happiness, of love on Earth, human relationships, caring for children, having friends, having our basic needs covered. Precisely because this is the most precious treasure we have; happiness. When we fight for the environment, we must remember that the essential element of the environment is called human happiness.

ムヒカ大統領のリオ会議スピーチ: (訳:打村明)



























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